The Old Blue German Wagon and Friend

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Many farm owners keep anything old even if seemingly unusable. It may be for nostalgic reasons, for using the scrap material or just the fact it will take time and money to get rid of it. There is always a corner of the property filled with machines, old harvesters and empty containers. In there are so many of these "bone yards" I stopped counting them. What is so fascinating is the dry climate preserving them in perfect condition even if slightly faded and some slight rusty spots.

When Australia opened up for immigration in early and mid 19th century a lot of German speaking people chose to leave areas from what today is Germany and Poland. Many left for reasons like religious persecution or simply lack of work and would form a new community in their adopted home country. At this time carts and wagons provided the backbone for travelling over land for the settlers. It was also the way to transport anything from hay and timbers to iron and copper ore from inland mines to the port towns.

The blue wagon is not really correct for a typical German one but it will do anyway. I thought the wide sides to give more colour effect to an otherwise dry and dusty display. Also I couldn´t be bothered changing the structure but rather keep the speed up building, painting and composing the display.

I used MiniArt´s European cart and MasterBox´ Farmers´cart as the main characters. Cans and barrel came from Meng and Tamiya and some unknown brand. The rest is made up of assorted bits and pieces from the spares box. Corrugated metal sheets are foil bent to shape. Ground work are pigments and rubble from plaster of Paris on top of a layer of Vallejo´s coloured ground paste. Paints are from Vallejo with some standard oils for weathering.

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  1. Great vignette! Something different and I love the colors. Well done.
    I'm editing my comment to say...I keep coming back to look at this scene...very eye appealing.

  2. A superb build, Stellan!
    Your excellent and creative skills are clearly evident!

  3. Great little vingette that shows alot more work than the uninitiated would expect. Your wood painting and weathering skill set are to be commended sir.

  4. This is really nice. The models are well done, particularly the wood finish, and the overall diorama tells exactly the story you wanted to tell.

  5. This a great build, plus the subject doesn't shoot or blow up things!

  6. An amazing result, Stellan @stellan
    Definitely something different but very realistic.

  7. Great work, very realistic looking. I like the way the rust came out.

  8. Very realistic finish on these models and it’s nice to see something different built to such a high standard.

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