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Aaaahh - de Havilland

September 25, 2020 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.9K
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  1. Aaaahh - de Havilland
  2. DH100GB approaching the closing date

Today, 100 years ago, Aircraft Company Limited was formed.

To celebrate, a new Group has been formed, and if you have anything related to the company do join in. It has been decided to include the early designs of Geoffrey de Havilland, as well as the and designs.

By coincidence it is also today that the de Havilland Dove flew for the first time, 75 years ago, and with the popularity of DH designs it should be possible for everyone interested in aviation to join in.

The group will run a full year, and if your build just needs the finishing touches as of today, do include it in the Group Build!

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  1. I accepted. I'm thinking something unusual - a Hornet (old Frog kit), or Dragon Rapide, or perhaps a Vampire in South American livery...

  2. I just accepted your invite Erik. I won’t be able to start my project until early next year. I guess between this GB and the Forgotten War GB I’ll be completing half of my usual 4 builds per year...

    And in case you’re wondering, my entry will be the wooden wonder (pardon the pun), I know, not that terribly exciting because there will be a ton of other Mosquito entries for sure but I have the kit in the stash for so long that this will be the perfect excuse to finally build it. A WIP journal will probably happen also.

    • Pedro, thank you for joining. No wonder you choose the wooden wonder, we can't have too many of these! You just join in whenever you have a clear space on the workbench 🙂

  3. Let me post also here, Erik!
    This is a wonderfully conceived GB!
    I will be more than eager to participate with the 1/48 Hobbycraft Vampire in Iraqi markings (a scheme I love).
    Hopefully, I will submit more entries!
    Congratulations and thanks for the invitation!

  4. I'll toss a hat into the ring and join this motley crew of DH builders.!

  5. Great idea for a GB, Erik. I will add three projects. The first will be the Tamiya Mosquito in 1/32.

    This has some history behind it in that my Grandmother helped build Mosquitos during the war at the de Havilland plant in Malton, Ontario (now part of the Greater Toronto Area). I mentioned this bit of family history I think when I posted my Tamiya /48 build. I will also do the Classic Airframes Venom in 1/48. I had thought of starting a "Twin Boom" Group Build to work on this and others but I like your idea better. My third project will be the Airfix Sea Vixen in 1/48th. Each of these should be relaxing enough in having no accuracy issues to fix or special decaling needs ( I've already bought RCAF decals for the Tamiya Mossie). I would like to do some builds that don't slow me down too much with issues. I am well on my way to finishing my other GB projects so I think I will be able to get through these new builds in decent time. Speaking of issues, I am back to riveting my Shiden Kai today after a long delay. Still doing tank builds to keep my productivity and general interest up. Thanks for inspiring some worthwhile new projects.

    • I simply do not know what happened here - I tried to click "post comment" on Sprios and Chuck, but the site would not let me - it simply showed a picture from the next post! Spooky 🙂

      so the old fashioned way it is; Spiros, I think that seeing your activity in other groups, it is safe to assume that more than one will come from you my friend! welcome aboard.

      Chuck, your hat is spotted - welcome within this happy bunch of de Havillanders!

      Colin, great angle for a Mossie build! And keep on to that twinboomer thought - I think it could be great for a new group one day!

    • All are super choices, Colin @coling!

  6. Great choice for a GB Erik, hard part would be deciding which aircraft to build.

  7. Great idea for a GB Erik. I've got a bit on my plate right now and if it gets cleaned up I'll join in

  8. Well, you all know that I am in, Erik (@airbum). I have the infamous Airfix Dragon Rapide, A Vampire, a Sea Vixen, plus various Mosquitoes, a couple of Caribous, Beavers, and Otters (it sounds like I am on a camping trip). Final decision soon. Thanks for inviting me to the dance. Should be fun. :o)

    • Welcome aboard George. It may be a bit confusing with both camping trip and dance all at once, but I'm sure it will be fun! You have a year, so whenever the bench allows it you are welcome to add more than one. 🙂

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