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B17G Tribute to my Uncle

September 12, 2020 · in Aviation · 16 Comments

This is a tribute to my Uncle (Edward Ah Tye) who flew in this B-17G–20–BO, “The Wild Hare” (42-31515). He flew the majority of his 35 missions in this bomber from June – November 1944 and returned home safely. He was part of the 8th Air Force/ 91st Bomb Group/ 324th Squadron. This was the same squadron that the famous “Memphis Belle” belonged to although he flew later on after the “Belle” came back to the USA. He said in all of his 35 missions he only fired a short burst from his top turret guns. A testament to the air superiority the allies owned at this time of the air war. His crew members gave him the nickname of “Lucky”. His final mission was on 11/9/1944. “The Wild Hare” was shot down by enemy fighters on 11/26/1944, yes, he was indeed lucky.

This is the Revell 1/72 B17G. Kit number 4283.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses

  1. Excellent tribute model.

  2. Great build and tribute. Your uncle was most definately lucky. One of my uncles only flew four missions before his Lancaster went down in flames.

  3. Thank you all for your kind words.


  4. That’s awesome! A quick Google search shows you’re lucky to have so many photos available to you. Reportedly 91st Bomb Group photos are more plentiful than others because the base was close to the press pool in London. Where did you get the decals?

    • I used:

      1. Testors white decal paper kit.
      2. MS Paint.
      3. MS Word.
      4. MS Snipping Tool.

      The nose art came from an actual photo as you well noted. I snipped it and copied it to MS Paint. I cleaned it up in MS Paint. I copied it to MS Word and sized it. I printed it on an inexpensive inkjet printer to the Testors white decal paper.

  5. Great build, Mike.
    For sure a nice tribute to your uncle.

  6. Great tribute, Mike. The builds are always special when there is a personal connection.

    This also looks like your first post. Welcome to iModeler.

  7. Thanks again for the encouragement.


  8. Nicely done.

  9. Nice looking B-17 - well done!

  10. I appreciate that, Greg.

  11. Great tribute, great build. Thanks for sharing.

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