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WMIK Land Rover

May 1, 2016 · in Armor · · 10 · 2.5K

Last quick build before I go on holiday! This is the British Army special forces version of the , as used in Afghanistan. WMIK standing for Weapons Mounted Installation Kit, it features a 12.7mm top mounted Browning heavy machine gun and a GPMG next to the passenger seat.

It's an kit in and came with another standard version of the Land Rover in the box for whenever I get round to it, I might throw away the instructions and do something completely different with that one. It was actually really fiddly to assemble but went together in the end ok using tweezers!

Everything is standard out of the box except the aerials which were made from guitar strings. I added the chevron to the roof as well just to stop any friendly airstrikes! I painted it using Tamiya acrylics and used a bit of Mig pigment for the weathering.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Nice finishes here, Richard. Just the right look for this subject, albeit with my usual proviso for this type of build: terrain features!?

  2. Nice work Richard,, 1/48 is a bit smaller than you think, so fiddley yes I can believe.

  3. Good lookin' little build, Richard (and as Rob said, complete with 'appropriate' weathering). Have a good holiday, mate.

  4. Inspiring job sir.

  5. Nice "quick" build there, Richard, Land Rovers are always cool, although my favourites are the early versions which I find appealing for their simplicity, a bit like the WWII jeeps. Thanks for your comment about the Honda, things seem to move off the front page quickly these days...

    • Cheers George, now you mention it, it wasn't actually that quick, I've just been off work so have had a chance to catch up on a few builds.
      I know what you mean there, imodeler is getting bigger! Lots of new faces!

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