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Hobby Craft YP-59 Airacomet 1/48

September 22, 2020 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2.2K

I built this when I just wanted a relatively easy and uncomplicated build. Of course that didn't mean I couldn't improve the kit by using some resin enhancements. I used True Details Cockpit also the True Details Wheels set. Both provided easy but very necessary improvements to the kit. I didn't do anything else except build the kit, and while nothing spectacular it makes a nice addition to my WWII collection, and a nice contrast to the Me-262.

Since it didn't go into service I in combat, I chose to do something I find challenging and build it fairly clean and unworn. Minor panel variation and scuffing of paint at the cockpit, but other wise fairly clean.

This is not a bad kit, just a simple one with decent fit, and marginal detail but still it is an important subject and until something better comes along a decent kit.

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  1. A really nice work, Walt!
    A model not often seen built. It looks gorgeous indeed!

  2. Although you present it as a fairly simple build, it does look great on every part.
    Personally I think the canopy and cockpiy underneath looks great.
    Well done.

    • Thanks, nothing like a good cleaning and then a dip into some Future! The self leveling nature of the product just makes good clear parts much better. I love doing the cockpit, so showing it off is fun, Closed or Open.

  3. Took me a moment to realize you did the XF2L-1 - the Navy Airacomet.

    Nice work. I used the TD cockpit on the P-59 I did about 14 years ago. This looks very nice, Walt.

  4. Nicely done Walt, I also used the TD cockpit on mine and it truly enhances the model. The only issue I encountered was the texture of the plastic, it appeared to have a pebbly feel to it. Really like the Navy paint scheme on yours.

  5. @luftwaffe-birdman, very nice result (as always from you) I think you achieved what you set out to do in your description. Well done.

  6. Nice-looking plane, Walt (@luftwaffe-birdman). I have always thought P-59 was an elegant airplane.

    • I really like the P-59 also, and think it lacks the fierceness that the Me-262, Ar-234, or Ho-229 among others. Having built them all they were all enjoyable and offer the builder and the viewer an idea of the diversity of thought and approaches to solving problems inherent with new technology, one of the neat and fun things about model building.

  7. Very nice - I think the paint and weathering work match the anticipated wear very well.

  8. Nice! I always liked the look of this aircraft.

  9. another great job walt

  10. Great job Walt! Really like the subtle weathering around the canopy, and what you did with the cockpit. Have the P-59B kit and a TD cockpit in the stash, and hoping to build the one I saw in the museum in Minden, Nebraska.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • @eydugstr Boy that thing looks like its crammed into a really tight spot. Overall it is really a decent kit, enjoy the build, the True Details Cockpit is a pretty good resin addition!

  11. Yes, it really was crammed in their building. It was hard to get pictures from many different angles because of that. Intending to go back, maybe ask the staff if I can use a stand to take different pictures? Even if they say no it's a good excuse for a motorcycle ride.

    Have always like the P-59. The plane might have been a disappointment in some eyes, but it got America's feet wet in the "jet age".

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