MiG-15bis Tamiya 1/48 Korea War

September 13, 2020 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.5K

One of the many which brought trouble to the UN aircraft...this one with the Chinese insignia...who knows if it had a Russian pilot occasionally...

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  1. That's a great MiG-15, Marcus!
    I love all those interesting Chinese camps of the time.
    Your camp looks fantastic!

  2. Great build of this MiG, Marcus.
    Camouflage is fantastic, may I ask how you did achieve this?

  3. Great looking plane, Marcus (@mvtb). The camouflage is especially striking.

  4. Marcus...super-duper camo job, reflecting great skill and patience with the airbrush. All good.

  5. From the research I did for "MiG Alley," the Chinese MiG-15s were flown by Chinese in their own units, while the Soviets operated in their own units. It's truly amazing what the Chinese were able to do, when you learn they put a pilot into a MiG-15 and sent him into combat with maybe 150 hours total time. About the time a US pilot had when he was first introduced to a T-33 for 100 hours before even thinking about climbing in an F-86 for another 100 hours training before going to Korea.

    The camouflage scheme is amazing. What a great demonstration of airbrushing talent!


  6. Amazing paint job. Looks great!

  7. Fantastic scheme, and well-executed. Well done.

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