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My model awards 1986-2016

October 31, 2020 · in Aviation · 14 · 2.1K

I got into building plastic models with my son and a grandson in late 1977. We went to the 1986 IPMS/USA National Convention down in San Diego, California and we won some awards at the show. My son and grandson quit building models around 1990, so I went alone from then on to the shows. Year after year I went to local and national show's and won more awards until I quit modeling in 2016. I kept a record on my computer as to the name of the contest, its' location and my award. I wrote on the back of each trophy the models name that got the award. If I recall my memory correctly, I have 301 awards stored away in sealed plastic boxes since 2016 here in our rental home in Irvine, California; U.S.A.

These photos show some of my awards hanging on the walls of my so called model room.

Enjoy the view! Rodney J. Williams

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  1. Very impressive Rodney...quiet a career in the hobby.

  2. Perhaps one of the best things about you moving away from IPMS Region 9, is that now other people have a chance to win some of those awards!

    Actually, Rodney, we miss you in Region 9, and wish that you were still living here.

    I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing your work, and know that you deserve every one of those awards. Your work has always been the standard for others to aim at.

  3. Congratulations, Rodney!

  4. Incredible, Rodney.
    Well deserved.

  5. The first photo shows one of my home made boxes that I kept my 35mm color slide's in. I was in the process of scanning all of my slides, prints etc. I have used a "Epson Perfection V500 Photo" scanner for a decade or more and it is an excellent unit to work with. It's on my desk under the black lamp that is lit. As a retired professional film producer & still photographer I accumulated over 40,000 images on film, which are now saved on a couple of new DVD disk's.

  6. Great ! Taking pride in this hobby Is commendable. A dedicated room for modeling That’s something to strive for on my end !

  7. Hey Bernard: Go for it!

    Our 3 kids grew up and moved out, so it was time for me to move out of the garage and into one of those bedrooms. After all I was paying the monthly mortgage on that 4-bedroom home. I kept part of the garage area and used it to spray paint all my model parts and finished models. I never painted anything on my work bench that was in that bedroom. My 3 Badger-200 air brushes were used with my cheap "Thomas" compressor from 1984 until I quit modeling in 2016. All my modeling tools and painting equipment are stored in boxes away from moisture, excess heat and freezing weather. I guess I should sell all of it on EBAY.

  8. Wonderful, Rodney. A remarkable accomplishment with great rewards for your skills and love of our super hobby.
    On all your tools, model stash and "stuff"...some guys give it all to a local hobby club which uses it in an auction to raise funds to promote the club's survival and growth. Food-for-thought.
    Again, thanks for sharing your "walls of fame" with us.

  9. Well deserved, I remember reading many of your articles in FSM over the years and was always inspired.

  10. Hi Rob:

    I recall sending stories to FSM who paid good $$$ for stories by guy's like me, however it would take 6 months or more for it to be posted in their magazine. Then the editor of the IPMS/USA Journal wanted some stories, so I sent stuff to them.

    I should have wrote a book, but my good friend George Lee said there is no $$$ in a book. For the last year or so I just send in photos with a story to the web and I have about 150 models posted. Guess I'll post more, or quit and just look at other models.

  11. Well done Sir, congratulations!

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