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1/48 Arii Nakajima Ki-44 II Hei Shoki (Tojo)

Nakajima II Hei Shoki (Tojo)
Imperial Japanese Army, 1 Yasen Hoju Hikotai, Singapore, 1944
Pilot: Captain Ryotaro Jobo

This is my third build for the Empire of Japan group. Not a bad kit for being so old. What it lacks in the cockpit it makes up for with the nice surface detail. I designed and painted all the markings. This was also was my first time trying the hairspray chipping method. I had a lot of fun weathering this one.

Build Log:


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24 responses

  1. This is a beautiful Tojo, Jeremy!
    I had the pleasure to follow your build from the start; it was a wondeful experience!
    The hairspray method yielded great results: looks like the paint is gradually fading/flaking away: very realistic!
    I have the deepest respect for all those men, from "whichever" side, that fought for a higher purpose.
    By netting, I discovered a pic of your pilot:

    Image attr.
    Well done again, my friend!

  2. Really nice Jeremy, loves the colours, great looking piece 🙂

  3. All I can say is that you managed to turn an old kit into a today’s looking model, very nice build and paint. Thumbs up

  4. Very realistic weathering. I have a real soft spot for the Arii/ Otaki kits because they have good bones and with a bit of effort they turn out like your great build.

  5. Fully agree on all the above mentioned compliments, Jeremy.
    I will for sure have a look into this chipping method since on your build it turned out fantastically.
    Well done.

  6. Great job on the weathering. Hairspray requires a bit of extra effort but worth it in the end

  7. Jeremy, @jmillan
    This build was a fun one to watch unfold as you progressed to the finish line. The plane looks very nice and you did a magnificent job with it. These Arii kits are underrated and build into a nice looking model.

  8. Just perfect. Awesome fit and the finish couldn't look more REALISTIC. Completed model reflects great skill.

  9. Nice work. Those Arri/Otaki kits are always a pleasure.

  10. Looks great! Love the paint work and weathering/chipping - you did a wonderful job on that. A beautiful model.

  11. Really nice finish and weathering on this ancient kit, Jeremy (@jmillan). Arii are still really good kits, considering their age. Well done.

  12. Impressive finish Jeremy, excellent job on the insignia and markings and the weathering.
    Nice job!

  13. Beautiful build, Jeremy. You did a neat job of repairing the mold damage on the left wing top - it's a shame that the mold owners have let this happen to all the old Otaki molds that I have. Your camo is striking with its late-war tone, and your stenciled markings are outstanding. Congratulations!

  14. Wonderful visual effects!

  15. Thanks for all the comments fellas.

  16. nice shiny look, good paintjob and weathering!

  17. Superb weathering! I love it.

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