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Tooled originally in c.1957, this boxed version from those moulds released in 1974. Parts fit where they touched! Lots of swearing and clamping!
Quick build over 6 days.

I do wish a high tech version of 1:32 vehicles existed to compliment the WW1 airplanes.?‍♂️

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8 responses

  1. Looks really nice.
    I wish that for WW2 and modern (civil) aircraft too.

  2. That's an amazing result out of this old kit, David!
    Only 6 days from start to finish? This is even more amazing.
    Nice details allover.
    Well done!

  3. Wow I 've never seen one of these built up, you made it look great .Well done.

  4. Really a beautiful job. It is nice to see a car model finished so nicely, with the wash and subtle shade variations in the paint. Very you really made this old gem shine.

  5. Beautiful job on this old kit, David. During the 1950s, when my brother and I were struggling with our 1/72 Spitfires, our father used to build this series of kits. Even though I'm sure your model turned out much better than his it has brought back memories of those school holidays, and series one Airfix kits. Definitely liked.

    • I watched my dad make the Airfix 1:12 Henry VIII and then Napoleon, Joan of Arch and the Black Prince. I was captivated. Bought my first Airfix Airacobra [series 1] for 2/-. Had to wait a week before I had the money for glue and paint! That was 1964/5. Loving it at the moment!

  6. As I am writing this my 1911 Rolls Royce (casting mark under the floor says 1956) needs the left front wheel reattached. The diorama box has fallen a few times and a restoration is needed. "Lots of swearing and clamping", I used a lot of that building that 1:32 Airfix double decker bus, brittle red plastic, nearly went off the 5th floor balcony a few times. I converted it to a WW1 troop carrier.

    Thanks for mentioning the 1:12 scale figures, that brought back personal memories of the Airfix Life Guard Trumpeter, Coldstream Guardsman, and the Black Prince, early 60's builds for me. Oops dating myself, cheers.

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