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British Typhoon

November 8, 2020 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2.1K

A very nice model by that I built back in 2007. I wonder if the kit is still out there as it was a joy to put together. All I really wanted to post was the first two photo's showing how I applied two colors of paint on the spinner. I used a real photo out of my WW-II scrapbook of a to paint my model but for some reason I never put that photo in this desktop folder. Lot's of time's I use an American penny which is about 17mm in diameter to show how big some of the parts are.

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  1. Thanks, Rodney.
    Always nice to receive those tips from you.
    The Typhoon looks fantastic, really like the way you build the instrument panel and seat.

  2. Let me fully echo our friend John's @johnb words above, Rodney @f2g1d!
    Thanks for sharing your precious work!

  3. Nicely done! The kit is still readily available, I paid about $20 not too long ago for an original "Blue Box" issue from the 60s. The repops are also out there. Not sure if Revell of Germany has it in their current lineup or not.

  4. Rodney, @f2g1d
    I always enjoy reading your articles, taking your advice ( and then putting it to good use). That's a neat trick with painting the spinner! I'll definitely keep it in mind, as I have a 1/48 scale Heinkel He-111 that's almost to this point of painting the spinners...

    I also have one of these Typhoon models built up in the display case, and another one is still sitting unbuilt, brand new in the box... Maybe someday It will get finished too. My built model was posted on Imodeler as part of our 100 Years of the RAF group build.

    You're absolutely correct, this little kit is a gem to build. Your model looks magnificent all of your builds do. I could immediately tell this model was one of yours. What did you use for the pilot's seat padding ?

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

    I pressed the "liked" button too. Take care and stay safe buddy... 🙂

  5. Hi Rodney.
    You rock !

  6. Hi Rodney.

    It sounds like you have a good life. Up here in Northern California it’s less smoggy but with no rain for half of the year . it gets very dusty and grime collects on all surfaces. When it finally rains it streaks and stains all and turns to sludge.

    I’m 63 and started modeling again 2 years ago . I hope to build 10 models a year. With bad eye sight !

    All Are in 1/72 scale. Mostly older kits of planes I never build as a child. I get stopped in my tracks frequently when meeting issues that have to be resolved Intellectually before painting. I have a half dozen lesser kits going till I can get to the ones I really want to assemble and showcase.

    Thank you.

    • Bernie: I would say get your eyes tested, and maybe do what I did in 1984 and for the rest of my building life. I wound with 3 pair of glasses. One was for everyday use around the house, including outside/driving; etc. Another one was for regular modeling on my work bench, and the last one was for building small model parts. Some of my hand made parts were so small that I could put a dozen or more on an American Penny which is only 3/4"/19mm in diameter. If new eye glasses don't help, then you really should start building "ONLY" 1/32 scale models or better yet, move up to 1/24th scale.

      I started to build plastic model airplanes with our son on week-ends around 1984. Soon a guy wanted me to build him a model and I got other models to build until I quit customer build's in 2014 and quit building for myself, due to shaky hands in 2016. I never dreamed that when I got into modeling that I would make 10K building a model, and way over a 100K when I quit in 2016.
      It was a wonder time. I now have 284 models here at home and are in sealed Walmart white plastic boxes. I live in Southern, CA and you can not believe the "SMOG" that settles in tiny blacks dots of carbon on everything. If I would leave a white model of mine on my desk it would be black in 30 days from the carbon floating around in the air...REALLY!

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