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Fokker G.1 “Jachtkruiser” 1/48 by Micro Mir

November 9, 2020 · in Aviation · · 33 · 3.5K

If anyone is planning to do this model, I highly recommend you buy a copy of the Dutch Profiles Books Monograph on the G.1 and the Dutch Decals DD48069 sheet for this kit. The book has all the information one needs covering history, camouflage and markings. There are also excellent color profiles, camouflage scheme diagrams and photos. The decals are a must as the kit markings are incorrect. On the real aircraft the black borders to the orange markings were 10cm wide. The kit decals have this wrong. Also the Dutch Decals sheet gives multiple options of Dutch roundels markings as well as German. The decal quality is excellent.

The kit is of high quality and it includes 2 sets of very welcome, the fuselage pod is molded in clear plastic, canopy masks. This is a difficult build due to the large amount of small parts which are hard to remove from the sprues without losing or damaging them. Getting the proper alignment of the wings booms and fuselage is challenging.

Surprisingly some detail parts the pitot tube, elevator actuator and navigation lights are not included. Also the crescent shaped gun sight ring was not on the photoetched sheet. I provided these myself by fabrication of the actuator and spares box for the nav lights and pitot. The canopy hatch was done by vac forming the 1 piece kit part over an art plaster mold ( made from the kit canopy ) and cutting out the hatch portion. Strip plastic detail was added to the inside of the hatch to give a more realistic look. Aerial masts, gun sight and cowling support braces were made from plastic rod. Paints are Hataka Red Line Dutch camouflage set applied free hand. The seats, exhausts and guns are Quickboost upgrades.

I started this last April and finished it about a week ago. It was a time consuming build and I don't want to do another anytime soon but I happy with the result and really glad I've got this in my collection.

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  1. Thank you for making this excellent model of Dutch aviation history!

  2. A great result on a rarely modelled subject Dale

  3. A fantastic plane build to perfection, Dale.
    Your build is great on all aspects.
    Masking this canopy seems like a lot of work even with the tapes included.
    Still need one next to my D.XXI

  4. Some things in life are just plain criminal and this model is deserving of being seen up close and personal . Given the times where left with photos but, Dale your time and efforts are showing some strong work. The result being worthy of the "Gold" . A job "Well done, well indeed."

    Two thumbs up.

  5. Looks fantastic! Every completed Micro Mir kit is a win 😀

  6. Excellent result on a great looking aircraft Dale.
    Definitely a hit on the 'LIKE' button.
    Since I first read about the G.1 in a William Green Mini Book I've always been on the look out for one - still looking.

  7. Another splendid model Dale. I think it’s the first Micromir kit I see built, and what a build it is! Your skills at vacuforming canopies are enviable, you know that right?!
    I have not used Hataka paint, what’s your impression about them? I may try their lacquer range one of these days

    • Thanks Pedro for the complements. I broke into this hobby many years ago and did 1/72 exclusively. I got very interested in the Rareplanes vac kits and started working with vac canopies then. I picked up a Matel vac form machine 40 years ago and still use it today. The Hataka paints worked very well. I only use water based acrylic paints as the odor of solvents gives me a headache in 10 seconds. I've seen excellent reviews on the lacquer range so I'd give them a try.

  8. Really great, inspirational work, Dale. I'm now inspired to leave my kit in the stash. 🙂

    Seriously, excellent work and a great result. "Liked" (a lot)

  9. Beautifully done!

  10. Dale, @dtravis
    This is another one of a kind build, something we have come to expect from you... It's also an exceptional build, something that's also normal coming from you. You did a mighty fine job with it... and I can't say I have ever seen another one like it built up before. It kind of reminds me of the FW-189... and now you have me taking a second look at the 1/48 scale Classic Airframes Fokker kit I have in the stash. Those Dutch markings and camouflage colors look great together.

    Thanks for sharing this beauty with us, and I pressed the "liked" button too.

    Stay safe my friend...

    • Thanks Louis for your positive comments. I(f you Have the old CA resin kit in the stash seriously I would toss it and pick up the Micro Mir kit. It's light years better and will give a much more accurate representation of the G.1 when completed.

      • Hello Dale, @dtravis
        I just checked the stash, and my old Classic Airframes kit is the 1/48 scale Fokker D-XXI. It's labeled as "The Dutch Defender". It's a low wing radial engine monoplane with wheel spats and fixed landing gear.

        • Hi Louis @lgardner

          If this is the 1st issue kit with a lot of brass photoetched parts from the early 90's I wouldn't bother with it. CA did a reissue of this and it is much better. This is the kit John vd Biggelaar @johnB recently did such a nice job on.

  11. This is an amazing build, Dale @dtravis!
    A beautiful plane, rarely seen modeled.
    You've done A LOT of quality work there and it definitely shows.
    Well done!

  12. Nice work, Dale. I’ve always thought that was an interesting plane.

  13. Fantastic build - love the paint and weathering work on it, and the subject is excellent! I've got one 1/72 in my stash that this is making me eager to pull out and build. I favor the unusual subjects...

  14. Really nice job on this relatively unknown airplane, Dale (@dtravis). Camo and weathering are awesome.

  15. Beautiful build of such an interesting aircraft. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of your exceptional work!

  16. Fantastic job! Really neat subject.

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