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Modeling on and off over 60 years. World War II 1/48 scale aircraft are my main interest.

1/48 Tamiya Me262-1a

Aftermarket items include Quinta Studio 3D cockpit decals, Wingz slats, Hussar resin wheels and EagleCals # 138 decals. The Quinta set is fantastic, easy to use, much more so than photo etch. The model represents a 262 that operated with [...]

1/48 Curtiss-Wright CW-21B

This is a limited edition kit by Dora Wings that was produced for IPMS Netherlands. The kit is generally well fitting and nicely detailed with fine recessed panel lines. The canopy is crystal clear but is a one piece part. I found masks [...]

1/48 FW 190 A-4

Going through old photos and came up with this Hasegawa kit I did over 10 years ago. It was sold to a fellow modeler or I would have taken updated photos. Model represents an aircraft piloted by Oblt. Siegfried Schell, Staffelkapitan of [...]

1/48 Hasegawa Macchi 205

When Hasegawa released the MC 202 and 205 kits in the '90's they unfortunately were a combination of features of of both aircraft, neither completely correct. The corrections to make the 205 kit more accurate are not really difficult and [...]

1/48 Douglas A-20 by AMT

Lots of aftermarket items added to this build. The engines, cowlings, propellers, control surfaces, cockpit, control panel, guns, and wheels. Foxbot decals were also used to replace the kit ones. I fabricated the pitot head on the fin, [...]


I built this kit in 1996 and discovered photos I took in 2019. The kit in 1/48 scale was a combination of a resin aftermarket fuselage and wings combined with the detail parts of the Cooper kit. The plane represents an aircraft that [...]

Fw 190 A-6 1/48 Hasegawa

This is an old build. I was going through photos and found these. I'm not sure when I did this but it was probably early 2000's It represents a JG1 plane operating from Schiphol Airfield, Holland 1943. I've always liked the checkerboard [...]

RSAF J9 / P-35 1/48 Dora Wings

Dora Wings have done an excellent job capturing the overall shape of this plane, it's light years more accurate than the old Hobby Craft kit. The build is fairly labor intensive and test fitting of parts is a must as with all limited run [...]

1/48 Beriev Be-4

I've always liked out of the ordinary aircraft and when I spotted this kit on EBAY I had to have it. Only 46 of these were produced and during The Great Patriotic War they served in the Black Sea area. Post war saw service as catapult [...]

1/48 Italian Classic Fiat G.50

Was looking through old photos and found this work from the 90's so I decided to post some nostalgia. From what I remember this was a really well done accurate resin kit and had a good time doing the paint scheme!