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Hobbycraft 1/48 F-94B

November 27, 2020 · in Aviation · · 23 Comments

Finally complete. F-94B, MM Non-Buffing Aluminum, BareMetal decals, True Details T-33 seats, scratchbuilt gunsight, mild weathering. Korean War, I'll add it to that build group. This one fought me at every turn and took a ton of prep work to get it ready for paint. In the end it turned out okay, certainly not a contest model but a nice shelfer.

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23 responses

  1. Nice work, Clark. I built that kit awhile back and enjoyed it. Used the same decal sheet too! Nice to see you did the red trimmed plane, I did the yellow. To my knowledge, it’s never been reissued over the last 25-28 years. Caracal is doing a sheet for the kit, maybe Academy is repopping it? Anyways, nice work on an offbeat subject!

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  2. One of my favorites, I built it years ago, long gone after several military moves. Nicely done!

  3. This is a beautiful work, Clark!
    I 've got the same one to build and I am so motivated now by your splendid result.
    Love the scratchbuilds and the extra seats you added.
    Nice NMF and subtle "right amount" weathering.
    Well done!

  4. Thank you Spiros. By the way, I used a soft lead pencil on the panel lines and Black "Detailer" wash on the various vents. Finally I used some pastels on the various panels. All sealed with Model Master Sealer for their now defunct Metallizers.

  5. Looks like you won this battle Clark.
    Great looking model with a great looking NM finish.

  6. Nicely done Clark...we don't see the Starfire modeled that often so it's extra nice to see your well done model.

    • Thanks Jim, much appreciated. It would be interesting to see how a how a build of the Kitty Hawk C compares. Maybe down the road on that as I have 2 F-80's getting ready to go into paint...Best regards and a tip of the old flight cap.

      • Having done the F-94C, they're both "good shelf-sitters'

        1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. Yes, it's not the easiest kit, but as you demonstrate here, and as @j-healy also shows, it can be done.

    I think this Expert's Choice sheet must be the only good one out there for this kit. I found both kit and decals at a dealer's table at a show a couple years ago and did the same one John did. A shelf-sitter for sure, but it fills an important space, for now.

    • Thanks Tom. I certainly looked over your build while researching mine. Good job for you as well. Ironically, I spent some time trying to get the T-33 seats. The decals were a bit easier to find. Yep, lot's of challenges but that is what makes a good model out of a mediocre kit.

  8. Maybe this kit gave you a hard time, Clark, but you turned it into a nice looking model.
    The NMF looks beautiful together with the red accents.

  9. Nice F-80! I guess I need to start mine after I finish my other major projects. How did it fight you?

  10. Nicely done Clark. Who doesn’t like those 50’s jets

  11. Looks great! And I picked up a new term (that applies to most of my builds): "shelfer!"

  12. Hi Greg. Thanks for the compliment sir! I have to say I’m educated as an engineer not a linguistic. There are those that say I’m an alien anyway. LOL.

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