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TBM-3R Avenger, COD, Korea: The Forgotten War build

November 21, 2020 · in Aviation · · 17 Comments

Swords -3R , COD, Carrier on board delivery. The Navy Converted a number of Avengers to be used as transport of people and supplies to the fleet. Carrying up to six passengers, and cargo or stretchers in the bomb bay. Built out of the box using kit decals of VR-23 operating in Korea 1952. Pictured with other Korean war aircraft and one with a follow on COD aircraft the C-1A.

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17 responses

  1. Very nice Avenger Robert, and nice addition to the GB.
    Funny seeing an Avenger without the rear turret. Seeing one in person made my realize the size of the aircraft - no doubt it can have 6 passengers easily.

  2. An excellent model and a great contribution to the Korean GB, Robert!
    Nice variant, not often seen.

  3. Good looking Avenger, Robert! It's nice to see the lesser known variants being built - all you need now is one of the ASW birds with that big old fat radome underneath...

    Where did you get the C-1? My friend Frank flew those with VR-21 from the PI to the carriers off the Vietnam coast. He flew S-2's as well. I'd like to build one in his honor one of these days.

  4. Very nice Robert. I was unaware of this variant

  5. Nicely done Robert, interesting variant, looks good.

  6. Watched this through the project. Great result, Robert!

  7. Nice one Robert. I also never heard of this version.

  8. Super nice build Robert.
    That’s a large plane for a single engine aircraft !
    I would love to see one someday. The opening scene of the film “ close encounters of the third Kind “ has a great spread of them Featured as the lost flight from the Bermuda triangle. That’s as close as I got to seeing one! Some day perhaps..

  9. A great build, Robert.
    Never knew those were used for passenger transport as well.

  10. Really nice Avenger, Robert (@roofrat). Avengers look really elegant in the dark blue scheme. Well done.

  11. Nice build Robert, excellent choice. Well finished in GSB.

  12. Robert, Nice looking build, and I always enjoy learning something new like this !

  13. Robert, @roofrat
    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your Avenger come to life as part of our "Forgotten War" group build. Your model looks very nice, and you don't see hardly any of this particular COD type built or on display at contests. You did a fine job with yours and I pressed the "liked" button too. Well done buddy ! You have a nice collection of Korean War era planes.

    I also want to personally thank you for participating in our ever growing Korean War group build. I sincerely mean what I just posted.

    My Dad told me about these type of planes, and he said they did the same thing with some of the Skyraider's that served with the Navy and Marines . (That's another single engine plane that looks much larger in life than it does as a model). I have been very fortunate and have been around both types on numerous occasions. I'll post a picture of me standing next to the landing gear to show everyone just how big these planes are.

    --- pic1 not found ---

    I'm not able to post the picture now... sorry 🙁
  14. Thanks Louis, You are right about how big the Skyraider is, there's one as a gate guard at N.A.S. Oceana. It's always a pleasure communicating with you my friend, hope all is well. Up next is a Brooklyn Hellcat. @lgardner.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  15. Very nice Avenger! Kind of "de-fanged," eh?

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