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The Class of 2022.

During all of 2021, I did not complete one model. Not one. Was a disappointing year as far as model building was concerned. My usual output each year, a modest four or five complete builds, with a couple started, maybe one sent to the [...]

1:48 Scale, Accurate Miniatures TBM-3 "Avenger"

Calling this one DONE! One of my favorite kits to build, (I've built three...). The kit overall suffers from a wee bit of over engineering, (As in you won't see most of what's in the fuselage...). The fit and level of detail is very well [...]

Trumpeter 1/32 TBM-3 VMTB-132 USS Cape Gloucester Okinawa 1945

I became a big fan of the Avenger after seeing the movie: "On a Wing and Prayer" with Don Ameche, Dana Andrews, Richard Jaeckle and others. The movie was filmed aboard the USS Yorktown CV-10 during it's shakedown cruise in about [...]

Accurate Miniatures 1/48 TBM Avenger

This Avenger was one of the absolute best model kits I've ever had the pleasure to put together, all thanks to Jay Mitchell. He sent me this model a while back in an effort to clean out his stash, and I took every opportunity to try new [...]

“Flight 19 Lost Squadron 75th Anniversary Tribute” Accurate Miniatures TBM-1C Avenger as FT-81

First off, I want to thank all of you who held off posting your articles so we could keep our Flight 19 builds together. That was very kind of you and considerate... Flight 19 ... The "Lost Squadron" was previously introduced [...]

ON THIS DAY: 5 December 1945, 75 year Anniversary of The Mystery of Flight 19

It is a beautiful warm fall bright shiny day. A fine Navy day for flying. Lt Charles C Taylor was tasked as the training flight instructor for Flight 19. At 28 years old, 2 tours of combat in the Pacific, Lt Taylor had 2500 hours [...]

TBM-3R Avenger, COD, Korea: The Forgotten War build

Swords 1/72 TBM-3R Avenger, COD, Carrier on board delivery. The Navy Converted a number of Avengers to be used as transport of people and supplies to the fleet. Carrying up to six passengers, and cargo or stretchers in the bomb bay. Built [...]

1:32 Trumpeter TBF Avenger

About a year ago I added a 1:32 TBF Avenger to my stash thinking it would be something I worked on in the long dark days of winter. It’s a huge carrier-based bird and I wanted to build one. Then the virus & quarantine hit and my wife [...]

Video: Tamiya Extra Thin Cement as Decal Solvent ?!?!

In this video, I'm going to be showing you a weird trick I recently learned about using Tamiya cement on your decals to help them better adhere to the surface. A huge thanks and shout out to "On the Bench" podcast, for showing [...]

1/48 scale TBM-3 Avenger

Accurate Miniature's went all out on this kit by making a whole bunch of parts that fit very nicely. I went step by step putting each section of parts together, like the top turret, lower gun emplacement, radio area and of course the [...]