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British Infantryman Somme 1916

British Infantryman
Somme 1916
1:10 Resin.
Young Miniatures

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11 responses to British Infantryman Somme 1916

  1. Stunning work Dr Lane. Your work on the fabrics and uniform are great, but I think the second to last image says most of what this bust is about. The hardened expressions are lifelike in conveying the beleaguered conditions of the front line, and the helmet simply looks to be the real thing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Amazing work, as usual, David.
    And I so agree with Andrew’s comments above, about your result passing to us the severity of the situation there.
    Once again, well done!

  3. Amazing work. One truly can look at the expression on the face and see the horrors of the Somme this survivor of a Pals Battalion lived through.

  4. Very nice, minus the mud and grime. I’m a bit partial to this as my grandfather was gassed in the first ever such deployment of warfare misery. He lived with one lung untill he was 60. Expression good. Not sure about the shape of the shovel. Thank you. Remember x-Mas 1914. “They shall not grow old “

    • My paternal Grandmother’s first husband survived a gas attack in 1917 and made it home only to die in the ‘Spanish Flu’ pandemic in 1919

      • Hi David. I’m sorry you lost someone Back then. Not sure how my grandpa survived the Spanish flu but he did or I would not be here.
        I have been going to Ypres often when in Belgium for nov. 11.
        The vets dwindled, then Suddenly we’re gone. we remember.
        No survivors of that time That I knew wanted to talk about the War and it made sort of a mystery. It was that bad.
        Thank you

  5. I’m glad you like it. It’s a well sculpted face if not a little over caricatured………but it does the job and makes it easier to paint

  6. I have seen this bust being done before and quiet well but the finish on this is scary ; he’s real. As noted already the textures of the cloth , the work on the helmet and the face of course are amazing.

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