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IJN Mitsubishi G4M1 Model 11 Betty Tamiya 1/48th

April 17, 2021 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.2K

Built before the start of the Japanese Empire GB, so really can't put it under that label. Completed in late 2019. Tams which seems like a couple of year ago is over 20 years old now since being released in 1996.

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  1. Hello Chuck, @uscusn
    I remember this build of yours very well. I have used your build journal as a reference when I started two of these kits as part of the log on the Yamamoto mission. (I really do need to finish them up)...

    Your Betty looks very good ! Thanks for posting it up here for all of us to enjoy. Hard to believe how quickly the 20 years has flown by.


    • Thanks Louis, you know finally realized I have not posted this one when going over some of the builds which I am a bit behind on that are completed. Will finish up on the write up, I learned to get the images posted first with a bit of a summary. Otherwise with a large image load I have received an error message and won't post.

  2. Very nice result, Chuck. @uscusn
    The paintwork, weathering and chipping looks great.
    She does have quiet a large wingspan.

  3. Thanks John, this was one of those fun builds. Even in 1996 some of the engineering which appears in the P-38 today is in this kit as well. Well thought out in assembly.

  4. Very nice looking machine Chuck

  5. Nice job, Chuck. I like the subtle weathering and the comparison shots.

  6. Looks amazing Chuck, looks great all around - all the builds look amazing!

  7. Thanks George, stable mates, the P-38 as one of the nemesis hunting Japanese aircraft in general. The Lancaster to show how large the Betty actually is.

  8. Great build. I think the subtle weathering works well.

  9. This is an amazing build, Chuck @uscusn! I strongly echo all above Gents' comments. Your painting and just right weathering makes the Betty look utterly realistic. I love your choice of brown/green top camo. The pics taken together with other aircraft types are stunning.
    Thanks for sharing your fantastic job with us, my friend!

  10. Really nice finish on this Betty, Chuck, definitely liked.

  11. Fine job on your Betty, Chuck. The feathering and colors of the camo look just right - great airbrush work. I also like your relatively restrained approach to chipping and weathering; it is so easy go to town on the paint loss but I personally think Japanese subjects look more attractive with less damage (as I did with my own Betty). Did you paint on the hinomarus? They look very nice. I think of the Betty as a large aircraft, particularly for the way it dominates my cabinet, but it is interesting to see how much larger the Lanc is. On the other hand, it dwarfs the Dinah and the Zero.

    • Thanks for that Colin, I use a Paasche "H" single action airbrush to free hand the camo scheme. I try not to over due which you can easily on Japanese aircraft. These Betty's were heavily used and survived many sorties so lived long enough to really get weathered in the South Pacific sun. The Hinomarus are decals, from a Techmod sheet.

  12. Nicely done, Chuck!

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