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Cindy, Pegaso Models, 80 mm

Exclusive to Members · December 4, 2020 · in Figures · · 24 · 2.9K

Greetings to all! I finished another piece to take a break from uniforms and weapons, reaching for the maid Cindy from the company. Everything is painted with Andrea Color, I made the base from oak. Hope you like it ...

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  1. Great figure painting skills and interesting result!

  2. Well done Roman! That's definitely a chance from the usual subjects 😀
    I like figures very much, but don't dare to try, although I have the will. Maybe one of these days...
    Congratulations on your work!

  3. Thank you very much, gentlemen.

  4. Well now Cindy has a lot working for her to say the least. Excellent figure painting skills on shall we say a provocative subject.

  5. Fantastic skills on a "hot" subject, Roman @roman_fittl.
    Nice, aerodynamic curves!
    I can see the trailing edges are very sporty, what about the leading edges?
    Are they optimised to control the boundary layer?

  6. Hello Roman,
    Can you send her to me, when she is ready at your location.?
    Excellent display, that shows your skills.
    Regards, Dirk

  7. Thank you all very much, I am very pleased that I like my work.

  8. Nice ju* ..oh, no P-47 here. Coloring is fantastic.

  9. I like the way the line runs down down the back of your stockings...

                                                                                                -David Lee Roth
    • Thank you, I painted the stockings with a very thin color, it can be said that it is more with cologne, in total it is about ten layers, I tried to show their transparency. The line should show the seam and is painted with a very thin brush.

  10. Thank you all very much, fellow modellers.

  11. I have a floor that needs scrubbing...

    Very nice work and a lot of talent displayed on something... definitely out of the ordinary.

  12. Not sure if she's politically correct but she definitely gets my vote.

  13. Thank you very much.

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