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Boulton Paul Defiant – sub collection

February 28, 2018 · in Aviation · · 20 Comments

Hi guys,

I would like to show you this series done by my father some months ago.
My father used the New kit and he made the modification for each models.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Here is the list of the models included:

1) Boulton Paul P.82 (K8310) Prototype - August 11, 1937
2) Boulton Paul P.82 Defiant K8620 Second prototype, with turret and Merlin II, flown May 18, 1939
3) Boulton Paul P.82 Defiant (K8310) Fighter Prototype
4) The Defiant first prototype, K8310 with a single 20mm Hispano cannon
5) Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I N3328 DZ/Z - 151 Sqdn as night fighter.
6) Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I N3340 DY/D 255 Sqdn based on RAF Kirton in Lindsey Lincolnshine UK, early 1941
7) Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I V1110 RA/H of 410 Sqdn based at RAF Drem, UK, Autum 1941
8) Boulton Paul Defiant Mk II AA370 England 1941
9) Defiant Mk I L6950 with bomb racks, for trials at Aircraft Experimental
10) Defiant Mk I T3997 on Air Sea Rescue duties with N 276 A.S.R. Squadrons 1942.
11) Defiant Mk II ZJ/M AA583 Sqn Ldr Haine 96 Sqn Wrexham April 1942
12) Defiant Mk I PS/U L7013
13) Defiant AA292 P used for Martin Baker Ejection Seat trials during October 1945
14) Defiant Mk I L6957 PS/T 264 Sqn Duxford 1940
15) Defiant Mk II N1550 first prototype of MkII in 1940
16) Defiant Mk II N1550 first prototype of MkII in 1942
17) Defiant Mk I AA414 M 515 Squadron. Its role was in electronic countermeasures warfare, jamming enemy radar using Moonshine and Mandrel
18) Defiant Mk II TT1 AA507 8 Egypt 1945
19) Defiant Mk II TT1 DR863 Prototype July 1942
20) Defiant TT1 AA544 103 16497 AACU N° 26
21) Defiant DS155 N°22 AACU Karachi India Flown by Sq Ldr Young
22) Defiant N3512 ¨Both engine and airframe experimental work was carried out there starting in the middle of 1941 and not ending until late in 1944. The Merlin XLV was fitted in June 1941 followed by a Merlin XLVI. The pilots canopy was retained and the retractable fairing behind it locked in the down position with the turret faired over. Carburetter development also came within the aegis of Farnboroughs work especially at high altitudes. N3512 flew some 70 hours in theses tests
23) Defiant N3379
24) Defiant TT1 AA591 June 1944
25) Defiant TTIII S5/W T3919 691 Sqd
26) Defiant TTIII DS121 of 733 NAS 1945

A couple of subgroups, the prototypes and "black" ones.


20 responses

  1. Got a regular "assembly line" goin', huh...? Impressive collection for sure.

  2. Now, THAT is unique. To build every variation of an aircraft takes commitment, patience, and a real connection with the subject. Especially a subject that divides opinion as much as the BP Defiant. Personally I think the Defiant is a horrible thing; something of a flying Frankenstein's monster. But I know others love it.

    Anyway, kudos to your father. An amazing body of work (pun entirely intended).

    One that he missed?

    Don't worry, Santiago, it was a 'what if' build on the Airfix tribute site - didn't actually exist...thank the god of flying things.

  3. That's quite a few VERY well-done models. I sure wish we could see them individually or in groups of 2 or 3. Very interesting. Please pass on congratulations to your Dad from us, Santiago. This is an amazing collection.

  4. Wow! This is something unique and amazing. The quantity doesn’t seem to affect quality, no sir.
    Just how long did your Dad take to build an entire squadron of Defiants? Do I assume correctly that they’re 1/72 scale

  5. Amazing post. Just outstanding.

  6. Now that's something! Great work!

  7. Your father is INSANE (that's not necessarily a bad thing) 🙂

  8. At first I thought you were using mirrors to make these pictures, now I realise the trust, your Dad really did build all those variations, real dedication and skill.

    • Hi George. No, they are all real. We use to build our models in "series" or "sub collection".
      For example, we have 115 Sptifire done and 111 Hurricane. You can see other series here in IModeler that I posted in the past (Vultee Vengeance, Airpeed Horsa, etc).
      I spent more that one year doing the reaserch on the Hawker Hurricane and my father did all the models in two years.

  9. What an amazing collection, and nicely done too. So what pray tell inspired your dad to take on such a collection?

    • Hi Tom

      Many thanks. Actually, this is just a small part of our collection. Our idea is to build
      "All the aircraft types that flew with the Royal Air Force, the Fleet Air Arm and all the Commonwealth (Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Rhodesia, etc.) in the time frame between 1936 and 1947, in all major versions (including field modifications, different or special markings, different armaments, different scheme colour camouflage, etc.) which were used in all the operational theatres or in special operations. And to include also Lend-Lease and captured enemy types under British markings. We also try to include in each series the aircrafts which were flown by Ango Argentine pilots, most of them had very particular nose arts”

      I have posted some other series here in the past.


  10. I would love to see a series posted of ALL of the models in your collection. To see such a comprehensive post of such beautifully built models would be such a treat.

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