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December 31, 2020 · in Automotive · · 24 · 2K

This is a I made for my present diorama I am working on at the moment. I used, the sponge technique, as well as, a sharp X-to knife for the scuffed and scratches areas. I then used light dust, and dark brown colors from Citadel. This will be added on a 1/35 truck/loading dock diorama I am presently working on.

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  1. Charles (@tiking), that is some awesome weathering. Well done!

  2. Looks like the 1:1 item. Your weathering really makes the model.

  3. Hi Charles!
    As usual, it is due to the "surroundings" (paintbottles and so...), that the scale can be realised...
    It DOES look 1:1!
    Well done, once again, my friend!
    Have a Happy New Year, also productive modelingwise!

  4. Charles, @tiking
    Years ago I worked at a company where we built golf carts. I worked in the machine shop building small golf cart parts, and then when they needed me working in the assembly section, I would bounce over there. When I worked assembling these carts, I had to operate a forklift almost identical to this one you built. I used it to retrieve parts that were stored high along the walls of the industrial building that were stored in large wooden boxes. The cart metal bodies were also stored there in this manner on a huge wall mounted rack, after they left the paint shop. Overall it was a very fun job.

    Having seen (and occasionally worked on) forklifts I can tell you that you have the look down to a science... You sir are a true artist. πŸ™‚

    This is an incredible build just by itself. Something tells me we will be seeing this one again ! I can't wait to see the rest of the industrial diorama you have planned.

    Happy New Year. I pressed the liked button too.

    • Louis appreciate the little snippet. Glad you can definitely relate to this build. Thank you for responding. I'm building more of a loading scenario. Not complex but I'm hoping the end result will be effective. πŸ™‚

  5. Looking good , look forward to seeing it in the dio

  6. Great build, can't wait to see the composition. Happy New Year my friend!

  7. Charles @tiking I always enjoy your posts. You build things I wouldn't even consider building yet I find so incredibly interesting when you put them up. Your work is always excellent and I feel like I have seen that forklift out on our property here at work many times. Keep up the fun, entertaining and high quality work!

  8. Looks just like our little ones we use at the plant!

  9. Nice try, but I know a photograph of a real forklift superimposed over a workbench when I see one!

    Seriously, it had me fooled until I noticed the lack of empty bottles and paper towel rolls that our forklifts tended to accumulate

  10. Once again (I'm getting tired of saying this - not!) "It looks real!" Standard Charles King super work.

  11. It's amazing how you manage to make an ordinary, seen every day object look so interesting. Have a good 2021. Definitely liked.

  12. Like your fork lift as do the others. I have a similar one in the box and also a photo of real one. It is a rechargeable electric and does most duties indoors.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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