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Heinkel 70 1/48 AZ kit redux

December 18, 2020 · in Aviation · 28 · 2.4K

My wife gave me an early Christmas present, a new digital camera. I wanted try it out but I have no new work to photo so I decided to shoot one of my favorite old builds. This is one of my favorites for 3 reasons. First it is a kit that one doesn't know if you can pull off a decent end result. Secondly I like the look of this plane with it's 30's art deco look and third I love Spanish Civil War camo schemes. Thinking I'll only ever build one of these I decided to do some extra work to it. This came in the form of scratch cockpit additions, fuselage entry door, vac canopies and wing tip navigation lights. The MG15 gun is by Vector.

Well I guess another one of these kits in the form of the He 170, a radial engine version of the He 70, is in the future for me as I just picked up the Admiral kit which is based on the AZ one. Hungarian markings are a definite with this one. I'd like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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  1. Dale, @dtravis
    Like you, I also like the look of the planes from this era, and have been thinking about building a few early 109's, an early "Anton" Stuka, a HS-123 and quite possibly a Ju-52 in these Condor Legion markings as upcoming future projects. Currently I have a Dornier Do-17E/F on the bench, and it will be wearing similar colors as your Heinkel.

    Rumor has it, we just might get a dedicated "Luftwaffe" group build once the Empire of Japan group winds down...

    For a Christmas wish for all of us "Luftwaffe" modeling fans, how nice would it be to get a main stream manufacturer make a 1/48 scale early version of the He-111, (with the "stepped" nose), so we could build a few "Pedro" planes with the little Scotty dog on it ?

    Looks like you are getting the hang of your new gift. 🙂

    Your He-70 is one of my favorites out of all the planes you have posted... so I pressed the "liked" button. Your builds always impress me.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family too my friend.

    • Thanks so much Louis. Yes there are many Luftwaffe planes yet to be done in 1/48. I've got an Aims 1/48 Ju 388 conversion coming for Christmas! I'm really looking forward to this. I hope you and yours have the happiest Holidays!

    • I’d love an early 111. Hobbycraft was supposed to do one back in the early ‘90s but it never showed up.

  2. That is exceptional. A rare subject, and the hard work shows. Love those esoteric builds.

  3. That airplane is cool enough to allll-most bring me around to getting that kit. Almost. But not quite.

    You, on the other hand, have done a great job with that kit, a victory of tenacity and talent versus plastic.

    And the camera works, too! 🙂

  4. You took an exceptional build for testing your camera, Dale.
    A very unusual plane rarely seeing build.
    I do like that camo scheme and the looks a lot.
    Seems like you already now how to use this new camera very well.

  5. Dale, I liked this one the first time you posted, and with a new and better photos I like it even more. Great work all round mate

  6. congratiulations on your early present Dale (@dtravis). Looks like it is a very nice camera, being able to go close without using the dreaded digital zoom method.

    As for the rumoured coming up group (@lgardner), let me throw in an idea to make an "interwar" group possibly with the main weight on civil aircraft of that era, perhaps even a bit more specific than that? with the many groups going right now it will have to be quite a bit out in the future I guess ?

    • Thanks much for your nice comment and I think your idea on the group build sounds good.

      • I will start a new "Luftwaffe" style group build in the future, similar to what we have done with the Empire of Japan group. I wanted to include German aircraft from the First World War as well. This would open the door to some magnificent Wingnut Wings kits... 🙂

        But this new Luftwaffe build will not happen anytime soon.

        To be fair, I want others to have a chance to complete their groups first.

        Currently we have the Empire of Japan, the De Havilland group, and the Korean War group all going on at the same time. Once the EoJ and the De Havilland group are completed, we can start it up then.

        Meanwhile I am looking for a few good people to assist me when the time comes. I was going to reach out to Erik, @airbum

        and Pedro, @holzhamer
        Since these two in particular seem to have special knowledge about Luftwaffe aircraft.

  7. You've done a spectacular job on this beautiful plane, Dale!
    I love this plane and I love the Spanish markings as well. Add your exceptional build on them.
    The result is excellent!
    Got the Matchbox 1/72 one. A neat kit I might give a try...
    Merry Christmas, my friend!

  8. Well done Dale, I really like the addition of the open door. Kind of a fugly looking A/C but in this case it's a winner.

  9. Looks great, Nice scheme!

  10. Thanks much Robert.

  11. Boy, the Heinkel family genes are very prominent here! It looks very much like a single engine He-111. How do the two scale up? Very nice job on this Dale!

  12. Fantastic job Dale! On the photography and the (old) build! Great to see less common Condor Legion subjects!

  13. It certainly looks as though you've got the hang of your new camera, Dale, and your model looks great. But (isn't there always a but) if my wife had bought me a new camera, and the first thing I did was to take some pictures of one of my models, she would be very disappointed, not mention angry, can you see where this is going? Just saying...

    • Thanks for your nice comment. Fortunately my wife doesn't feel that way. The new camera was bought specifically to do better photos for my aircraft models, therefore no disappointment or anger is involved.

  14. Nice work, Dale. Great paintwork. I really like that plane but was put off at the $64 asking price for it when it first came out.

  15. I love everything about this model - the subject, the scheme, and the finesse with which you pulled it off! Looks fantastic.

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