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2020 - Report Card

January 1, 2021 · in Uncategorized · · 12 · 2.1K

Hi Everyone

Here is my 2020 models (all 1/48 unless noted otherwise) -

Tamiya P-38F
Tamiya P-38G (Luftwaffe)
Tamiya 109E3 Condor Legion
Hasegawa P-40N
Hasegawa Shiden "Prisoner of War"
Hasegawa Macchi 205 "Luftwaffe"
AMT P-40F "Liberaiders"
Airfix Sea Fury (Barracuda Cowl & Wheels)
1/32 Revell 109G10 Erla (Lots of Barracuda Goodies)
Tamiya T-55A
Tamiya JS2
Tamiya Panzer III Ausf L
Tamiya Sdkfz232
Italeri 234 Puma (reconditioning of older model)

Here's to a better 2021 for everyone!

Happy Modelling

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  1. Seems 2020 was great year for your modelling time 😉 very nice crop

  2. 2020 was a productive year of quality subjects, Darren.
    Congratulations, wishing you an even more productive 2021!

  3. Nice group, Darren. I’ve never seen an unpainted P-40F. What’s the story with that one?

    • That one stands out to me as well, and I'd like to know. Great builds Darren, and excellent presentation with all!

      • Hi John
        Here is details from the 461st BG Page -

        There were at least two P-40Fs used by Col. Glantzberg and later Group COs in shepherding formations together. A closer look at an interesting facet of Bomber operations. Not to mention one snazzy paint job!

        John Trommershauser on the wing of the soon-to-be Group hack. Does anyone remember doing maintenance on this aircraft? The caption on the back reads --

        "This is the P-40 that Brooks Lawhon and I stole one rainy night. Fast paint job and the 461st had entered the fighter era. "

        Trommershauser further relates:

        When we picked up the plane it was night, no lights on the airfield but the runway lights they finally turned on for us to land. We had no contact with the tower. Col. Lawhon had made arrangements with a crew chief to flash a light to guide us to the revetment where the plane was ready for us to acquire.

        This was a fast grab. Never did see the crew chief. Lawhon jumped out and ran to the P-40 while I made a fast taxi in our B-24 to the runway for a fast get away. It was a rainy night. Next time I saw the P-40 it had been painted over with our group insignia. I can tell you this - the plane was a piece of junk. After reading the tech order and having a crew chief help me start it up I took off to feel it out and learn to fly like those fighter jocks that thought they were so hot. I flew around a bit trying stalls, etc. to get the feel. Did a slow roll and all sorts of trash came flying up from under the rudder pedals and other parts of the plane. It was a dirty mess. Also if you landed at another field such as Bari, the coolant would leak out and have to be replaced while the engine was turning and the system was under pressure. It was pure fun to fly. I don't believe the pilots we chewed out for sloppy formations appreciated the ships as we hecklers did.
        After being stripped of its desert-pattern camouflage, this P-40F was reworked in a resplendent natural metal and "Group Colors" scheme. Henceforth it would be referred to as "Big G" - for Colonel Frederic Glantzberg.

        4 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  4. You used 2020 very well for creating quality builds, Darren.
    Wishing you all the best for 2021.

  5. Great builds! Productive year, all nicely done!

  6. Nice group of builds. That Sea Fury sure is a beaut!

  7. Great looking set. Love the finish and markings on the George

  8. Nice work and a lot of markings not "done to death."

  9. Great work. The lead off P-38 looks awesome.

  10. What a great effort for the year! Real beauties, all of them. What grey did you use for the Spanish Civil War 109's? I'm starting one now...

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