Austrian Aces...1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190A-5 Hauptmann Walter Nowotny, CO I./JG54

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My dad finished his first model in the new year already.
kit, part of the decals from the sparesbox, Eduard seatbelts, EZ line for antenna wire, plastic rods and lead wire for the brake lines, plasic rods for the landing gear indicators on the upper wings. Painted with MRP RLM82/83/76.

Build thread here

Eastern Front October 1943

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  1. Nice work. Those green 190s in Russia are my favorite Luftwaffe subjects.

  2. A classic model, and I mean both the maker (Hasegawa) as the subject. Still this particular Nowoty’s plane is my favourite of all his 190s. Beautiful paint work as usual

  3. A great start of 2021 by your dad, Reinhard.
    Weathering and painting is excelent.
    That brakewire is looking very nice, did he create that himself?

  4. Another Spreitzhofer masterpiece!
    Well done on this beloved Nowy scheme!

  5. As everyone else says, this particular airplane is a real beauty, and models of it can be really successful. That's the case here with your dad's model, which is really outstanding.

    I did mine a couple years ago with the then-new Eduard new Fw-190. It's hard to go wrong when you choose this subject.

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  6. Great build, I once visited the Nowotny grave on the Viennese Zentralfriedhof! A real tribute to this Luftwaffe ace!

    • Thanks Michel!
      Here in Austria, our Nazi past is still a delicate theme. There were and are discussions if a Nazi war hero should be honoured. Initially Nowotny had an honour grave on the Vienna Central Cemetary. In 2003 the status was changed to a normal soldier grave.

      • Yes I am aware of that discussion. To me there is a difference between achievement and politics. In Germany you have the same theme around rocket research. The first time a human made object entered space was in October 1942 but if you visit the launch site at Peenemünde today you are only weakly reminded of this engineering achievement. It is the same discussion in my honest opinion, though I am the first to condemn tiranny that affected my family so badly in both world wars. Almost 100 years on, I forgive what happened, but I will never forget. Some of the Luftwaffe aces however deserve the same honor as those on the other side of the front, they all fought for their country and lives regardless their ancestry.

  7. Super job on this. As I've mentioned in the past the Hasegawa kits are in the same league with the Eduard as this build shows. I did the Eduard one in 2019.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  8. A beautiful build and a scheme I've wanted to do for years.
    Maybe this year?

  9. What a way to kick off 2021! Lovely.

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