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Off the SoDHasegawa 1/48 P-47D "Eileen"

January 28, 2021 · in Aviation · · 25 · 2.7K

Everyone liked the P-47s when they came out 25 years ago, then lost interest when the Tamiya P-47s came out 18 (!) years ago.

Yes, there is a shape problem with the fuselage, the belly is too shallow - but not so much that it is super-noticeable if the model isn't sitting next to a model where the shape is right - and even then, if you're looking from above, it's not so noticeable. And yes, the flaps can't be lowered, and yes, a resin cockpit does help. And aftermarket decals won't hurt.

So, a few years back, I did this model, with a Squadron True Details cockpit, decals, etc. The model is Frank Oiler's well-known "Eileen" from the .

The reason it ended up on the SoD was I managed to misplace the main wheels. A few weeks back, I was going through a spare parts box recently looking for something else, and noticed a pair of P-47 wheels from an old Monogram kit. Not sure if they are exactly the right size, but they are "right enough" to let this see the light of day.

Even looking at it from the side as in the header shot here, the fuselage line isn't something that immediately draws your eye (unless I mention it, like now).

I really think the 78th's scheme of RAF Dark Green upper surfaces and Sky lower surfaces is good looking.

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  1. Looks fine to me Tom. In fact I might say the shallower belly is almost an improvement in looks. But nonetheless, great save. Congratulation on getting another across he line.

  2. The lack of belly is really obvious from the side on shots. After the joy of building the Tamiya kit I never had the urge to try another brand of 1/48 Jugs.

  3. Congrats on getting it off the shelf o' doom! I have a few I hope to get completed soon, although my professional art has been neglected a while, and I may not be able to justify further modelling to the queen of my heart- SWMBO! As usual- an enjoyment to see one more from you- hope you are doing well health wise- looks like you are doing great model-wise! looking forward to your new HK B-17 getting presented online!

    I hope to post some of my 1/144 transports on Imodeler soon- have had a few distractions lately!

  4. Nice save, Tom. I’ve only built Monogram Thunderbolts and really didn’t know anything about this kit. Makes me think the Hasegawa Razorback would be a good starting point to model a non bulged keel P-47C. Assuming the Razorback kit shares the same belly profile. Anyways, well done!

  5. Glad to see that also this one is saved, Tom.
    You're pulling out quite some interesting builds from your SoD.
    Like it a lot.

  6. I like it too a lot, Tom. And yes, the Dark Green over Sky is really nice!

  7. Well done Tom, glad she's off the SoD. Funny quiescence I'm currently finishing up a Hasegawa bubble top, depicting "Oh Johnnie " as flown by Lt Knight, MOH winner. Having built a couple of Monogram P-47's and two Tamiya Razorbacks, the Hasegawa is a very decent kit but does not have the fine details offered by Tamiya. But fun none the less.

  8. Bit of a generalisation there, Tom, I didn't know they even existed, but great save nonetheless.

  9. Nice build and "recovery"...I noticed you used a gloss finish. Did the crew chief wax it for extra speed like some of the others like Gabreski"s?

    • 84th FS in the 78th FG had a requirement from the squadron commander about polishing them with beeswax. Ground crews hated it, since it made it real easy to slip and fall off the wing, or drop cowling panels (on their feet) when doing engine work.

  10. Nice looking jug Tom. You must be putting quite a dent in your SoD. Ever since I built two of those excellent Tamiya kits, I have no desire to try any others.

    • Oh yeah, total agreement. Tamiya P-47 is Da Bomb. If I hadn't put the effort in several years ago on this and gotten a nice result from it, it wouldn't have stuck around as long as it did. If I hadn't found wheels, it likely would have made a final flight into the trash sometime this year.

  11. I payed for this is a good license to build . Yeah, some of us have been around the block and have bought at the time was at the leading edge of the Jug kit tech. Ala, Monogram P-47s and then came along the Hasegawa and Tamiya kits. But, when you take everything into its proper context and you look at the build as a Hasegawa kit its a darn good P-47. For a Hasegawa kit.
    Two thumbs up TC.

    25 and 18 year old kit designs. Getting a word out from Tamiya is like talking to the Sphinx. They do release new standards. The reinvention of the P-38 was a yawn for some but, most would agree Mana from above. Like Sinatra's song Tamiya, could sing " I did it my way". Now there releasing another standard the F-4 Phantom which is has been done add nausea. But, hasn't been done like Sinatra or Tamiya's way. Gosh could they rethink a P-47? It's low hanging fruit. Everyone is rehashing Spitfires, Fw-190s and P-40s all the standards have been reinvented like mouse traps. Better mouse traps.

    • In my book, Tamiya got blown out of the water by Eduard with the early Spitfire. Even before the release of the Eduard kits, the Tamiya Spitfire was not that great. The difference is Tamiya does one version of something and then sits there. Great example: their Wildcat. Doing an F4F-3 was a no-brainer, ditto an FM-2. Even Hobby Boss figured that out (though they blew it on the FM-2). Had Eduard done that today, you would have early and late F4F-3s, F4F-4, FM-1 with the minor differences, and FM-2 with the major differences.

      Tamiya does design kits to be easily constructed. That is not the same as "Tamiya designs accurate kits." In fact, the only two Tamiya kits where they legitimately got it right all around, with both ease of construction and accuracy are the P-47s and the P-38, closely followed by the F4U-1 series; I'll add in the new Zeros, which I haven't seen, but they still only slightly outperform the Hasegawa series. The 1/32 kits are not as great as some people have themselves convinced they are - they mostly qualify as overdone toys. Oh well, to each his own, but I no longer look to Shinjuku for the modeling future. I look to Prague and Kyiv.

  12. "I look to Prague and Kyiv." Amen to that.

    I believe that Tamiya airplane kits are designed for the Japanese market and are aimed with emphasis on having a good experience in assembling the kit and if you visit some of the Japanese Mail order shops Tamiya is into a lot more than model airplanes. These new releases . . . the analogy that I'd use if Tamiya where a restaurant airplanes are like opinion rings there not the main menu served at restaurant Tamiya. Its a different market that is focused on its own cultural values which may not be European subject matters exclusively , it's about their youth and a society that is more homogeneous. They do understand the world market but with more of a emphases on Japan. On the other hand the folks in Prague and Kyiv understand the U.K. and the European Continent which has many varied and diverse languages and cultures that all seem to share the same wars.
    If you watch what I call the conspiracy channel or YouTube you'll find an explosion of tutorials on modeling making and a dozen or more YouTube shorts that feature all of the big Shows or even some local shows across the European continent. Prague and Kyiv take great pains to keep their fingers on the pulse of the modeling community while attending a lot of shows with an emphasis on aircraft. Of course they have their own blog sight and web mag too which keep with what most younger modelers and hobbyists and they speak or write to their fan base. I don't know if Tamiya has blog site or if Tamiya America does this. I'd say its a apple and oranges thing.

    • A long time ago I worked for the then Tamiya importer for the UK (anyone remember RIKO?) where I learnt that Japan was Tamiya's biggest and most important market, I don't things have changed that much since then.

  13. Very nice build of a forgotten kit Tom. Your Hasegawa kit looks good. A plus of the Hasegawa kits is the number of different releases they have released. I'm still looking for one of the Rescue Squadron kits. Thumbs up...

  14. Nice Build Tom and great info on kit history and accuracy. I have the Hasegawa kit and built a D25 block P-47. I got the kit for like $28 delivered so I bought it not overly concerned with accuracy to the degree I am today. Nevertheless I think it built into a nice kit. Didn't know about the shallow belly inaccuracy. The flap issue is passable since Most P-47's on the ground had their flaps at 0 degrees which was the recommended position for take off. I will post some pictures of my work. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I'm glad this one was able to crawl off the SoD! A good-looking Jug - I always liked the checkerboard cowls!

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