Aquatic Eyes in the Sky…1/48 Beriev Be-4 (KOR-2), Soviet Navy

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My dad´s latest achievement.
Something a bit exotic and rare, the wonderful Beriev 4. Quality and fit are very good. Only the instructions are sometimes confusing and misleading. You can build an early or late version and it´s sometimes not so clear which parts you need for which version. So it happens that my dad used the upper bow part with two access hatches instead of the part with one hatch which we needed for this early version.
If someone´s gonna build that kit, the late version has a fuselage nose gun, underwing coolers on both sides,underwing stores for bombs, a different rudder and rear MG.
EZ Line for the antenna wires, painted with AK Real Color AMT-7 for the underside and AMT-12 for the upperside. Instructions call for A-32m grey which is darker than the AMT-12 but the AK paint fit perfectly for that.

Some info about the aircraft

build thread here ... viet-navy/

Model shows an aircraft that was stationed on the cruiser "Kaganovich", Pacific Fleet 1945-47.

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  1. Your dad has done an excellent job as usual.

  2. Amazing result on a difficuly kit, Reinhard!

  3. Now that’s something we don’t see everyday! Dad picked a winner with this one and did a great job. This plane has very interesting shapes, thanks for sharing it.

  4. This is the first time I heard about this model, and from what you show us here looks good. Unusual and attractive, what’s not to like about this one? Splendid work indeed, thumbs up!

  5. Very unusual indeed, Reinhard.
    But again built to the high standard of your dad.

  6. Great job on this. I'm building one now and agree with your opinions on the kits high quality and confusing instructions.

  7. Very cool! That thing looks like a massive engine just totin' along a fuselage and wings for the ride! Nicely done.

  8. This is a nice looking airplane! at first glance, granted, it looks like someone took an I-16, sawed off the tail and hung an Edo float under it but everything is blended nicely and the lines just flow! I especially like the planform where the nacelle and the trailing edge of the wing meet. Very pretty. Your father did a wonderful job on it! I'll have to look into Mars Models!

  9. That’s very cool!

  10. Very out of the ordinary, the "gold standard" for "Very Cool."

  11. Great looking model. I like subtle weathering, very appropriate.

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