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Hurricane IIB, 151 Wing, Vaenga, USSR Sep-Oct 1941

February 18, 2021 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.7K

I wanted to do a IIB with a tropical filter and temperate camo scheme. The options for that combo were Hurricanes IIs in Singapore, Burma, Java, India, Ceylon, and (ironically none of those locations are actually temperate). I selected a 151 Wing, 134 Squadron aircraft that was deployed to the USSR as the first British assistance to the recently invaded USSR. 151 Wing's two squadrons (134 and 81) were well photographed during their mission to the Murmansk area in the autumn of 1941 and successfully engaged Luftwaffe units in the Arctic region for 2 months, while training Soviet Northern Fleet pilots transitioning to the Hurricane from their I-16s and I-15s. In late October the planes were transferred to the Soviet Airforce and the pilots and ground crew returned to Britain where they were transferred to other units.

The model is the Hobbycraft "Russian Front" Hurricane II (HC 1534), and the decals are from various AeroMaster sheets, including AeroMaster No. 48-622 for the Russian style "31" tactical number.

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  1. Nicely done, Which paint did you use for Dk. Earth?

  2. Hi. Nice work. Which scale is this in ? Cold Brits in Russia made the day.

    • Bernard thanks for the kind remarks. Yes the Brits are an amazing group. I served with several in my USN days and was almost always amazed at their wry sense of humor. Best wishes and happy modelling!

      Forgot to mention 1/48 scale; which I put in the key word search, but usually forget to mention in the text.

  3. Those Hurris sure got around didnt they?
    Very nice looking IIB. 12 Machine guns, that's a lotta lead.

    • They sure did, Bill. But the problem with 12 guns is that when all the ammo is fired, the airplane is still carrying a lot of dead weight back to the base. And the 4 guns that are way out on the wings must have played badly with the center of gravity and turn rate. I suspect that the 12 gun IIB was a stop gap while Hawker worked out the 4 cannon design and production issues of IIC.

      The Hurricane will always be a great airplane of world historical significance due to the Battle of Britain, of course. In 1940, eight guns was 'the jam'.

  4. Very nice and clean build, Bob.
    Impressive to see what the pilots did with those Hurricanes during the BoB.

    • Thanks, John.

      During the BoB, the Hurricane was quite a capable machine. It could be in trouble in one on one against a -109E flown by an 'experte', but was otherwise OK. Pretty sure the RAF tactics tried to avoid that situation.

      When the -109F and -190A came into service, the Hurricane could not evolve to keep up.

  5. Excellent result, Bob.
    Love your Hurricane!

    • Thanks, Spiros! I've done so many Hurricanes that I had to find a new wrinkle, and the 151 Wing with their non-standard codes came to my aid. I should do a Soviet Hurricane soon I think.

  6. Very nice Hurricane - well done.

  7. Nice use of that kit!

  8. I've always liked the looks of Hobbycraft's Hurricane, especially with the tropical filter. Beautiful and precise workmanship on this one. The-eye-level photos (#'s 6&7) are my favorites. At eye-level it looks really impressive.

  9. Thanks, John. The Hurricane is such classic airplane. Hobbycraft did a great job on the shape of this model, even though the details can be a bit scant. As long as the shape of the model approximates the real plane, I can always use after market decals to jazz it up or make it 'unique'.

    Welcome to the iModeler site, and look forward to seeing your completed or in-progress works.

  10. Thanks Bob, I agree about the Hurricane, Hobbycraft, and shapes. I just checked out your other works here, more really nice stuff. I like your style.

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