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Revell 1/32 Mosquito or The Scottish Tamiya. Not good!

February 6, 2021 · in Aviation · 13 · 2.6K

So. Scottish in three ways. Banff Strike Wing. I'm Scottish. Therefore too tight to pony up for the Tamiya Mossie. I did try but the canopy was very difficult and sadly lets it down badly. It came from Australia (Tasman) and was for Revell but modifying it to FB wasn't easy. Also is it just me or is the Grey Matter nose too long and somehow wrong? Certainly compared to the 1/48 Tamiya nose it looks too pointy. Also the props aren't right although I blunted them a bit. I spent a fair bit on aftermarket undercarriage and rockets (which can be reused).

Think I'll just have to shake the moths out of my wallet and buy the Tamiya one! I kind of grudge it because they are way expensive (£200) and a tad over engineered (who needs all those panels hanging off?). Wish HK would make a FB Mosquito or someone would produce a really good conversion for the Revell.

No regrets. It was fun trying.

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  1. That nose doesn't look right to me ,too pointy but a great job on the build, Tamiya every time but ouch ! pricey...

  2. Yea. I'm a bit downhearted with the canopy. A good aftermarket canopy would have made it and it's just not right with a bomber canopy.

  3. Well, pat yourself on the back for even trying. You're right about the incorrect nose and as you demonstrated, the bomber canopy just can't get from here to there.If you're still being "Scottish" why not get the Tamiya 1/48 kit? It will definitely "fill your bill" with aftermarket decals. (photographic proof attached)

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

    • I built it already. It is a fantastic kit and streets ahead of the Revell 1/48 bomber version. It beats me that Revell produce such an excellent 1/32 bomber (shape wise) whereas their 1/48 bomber has very odd spinners!
      And was a pig to build compared to the Tamiya. I do agonise over whether to content myself with 1/48 🙂 .
      I think eventually I'll buld the Tamiya 1/32.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Ross ... you had fun and you delved into the project ... you did your best.
    It looks good, that's what counts, that is modeling.

  5. Great job on it, Ross!

  6. Good job and lots of persistance, Ross.

  7. Pointy nose or not it still looks like a Mosquito. Here in China the Tamiya kit costs about 130 of your British Pounds at current exchange rates, but I'm sure carriage and customs duty would make it uneconomical.

    • Thanks George. I can afford it ok It's just I do have other things I could spend that £200 on! There must be room for a good Mosquito FB in 1/32 at about the £100 mark. (Or even £130!) Even the Hasegawa Sopwith Camel (see above) wasn't £200 and it must be a much lower sales volume. Tom is correct, the 1/48 Tamiya kit is excellent.

      Actually the Tamiya 1/32 has only just become available in the uk again having been AWOL for 6 months or more.

  8. Brave of you to tackle that kit. Before the Tamiya kit came out in 1/32, I was tempted to pick up the old Revell version in 1/32. I like the work you did on the cockpit.

    It's great that you are inspired by the local historical interest of the Banff Strike Wing in Scotland. When I build Mosquitos of this unit, I am partly inspired by the Canadian origins of it's Wing Commander Max Aitken (I am Canadian, myself). As you probably know, he was quite a character and an ace with 14.5 victories total during the war. I remember watching him narrate his wartime experiences on the World at War TV series. My Grandmother also built Mosquitos in Toronto during the war so it is a sentimental favorite aircraft for me. The Tamiya 1/32 Mossie is definitely worth every penny IMHO. I also have the Airfix 1/24 version but I am very disappointed in the shape of the engine nacelles on that one. Can't figure out how they got them so wrong.

    • Thanks Colin. I already completed a PRU version of this kit which I'm quite happy with but this defeated me. In all seriousness I will probably build the Tamiya one at some point. Probably replace the PRU one with the HK Models kit eventually. I had a late friend who lived in Banff as a child and remembered the Mosquito's and Beaufighters returning with engines out and crash landing. Yes, Aitken was one of these characters the war threw up all over the place! And lived to tell his tale.

  9. Took the canopy off and put it in storage till I can find a proper aftermarket. I feel the Tamiya calling.

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