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Russian battleship Tsesarevich

This is my first attempt in scale . I chose a russian pre dreadnought battleship for the small size. This model went from Trumpeter. In the box I found nice photoetch parts. I added metal barrel and wooden deck. The flags and the international signs are printed on a inkjet. What is your feedback my friends?

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27 responses

  1. Very nice, Sir, well done. Cheers, Dave.

  2. Feedback? Itโ€™s bloody impressive!
    Fantastic model of a dreadnought I never heard before

  3. It looks real good , nice one.

  4. Beautifully done !

  5. That's your first? Very good! You could have convinced me it was your 200th.

  6. Very nice, Carlo. The weathering makes it look like it's been through a few battles and bad storms. I also like the addition of the wood deck as it really makes the model stand out.

  7. Absolutely amazing!

  8. This is a wonderful build, Carlo!
    Exceptional painting and weathering.

  9. Very interesting subject and impressive building, can't believe it is a first attempt. Bravo!

  10. That's a beautiful build, Carlo.
    Hard to believe this is your first.
    Well done.

  11. Fantastic ship - nicely weathered.

  12. Very nice model. Pre-dreadnoughts and WW1 ships seem to be rare models. I would love to have a 1/350 scale model of a German battlecruiser. Only thing close I have seen is a model of the Emden and a Kรถnig-class battleship.


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