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Updating the old Monogram B-58 (1:48): part 2. engine intakes in 3D

February 28, 2021 · in Aviation · · 10 · 1.7K

Just a short note for today - I finally finished the B-58 intakes, the printed parts are cleaned,primed, sanded adjusted and I sent back them to SBS Model for the first experimental moldings. I made a handmade replacement intakes set some years ago but well... it's a bit better I think. The only question is what would I do my B-58 with the scratchbuild intakes already in the nacelles?

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  1. Beautiful work, sir!

  2. Are these going to be available as sets that we can buy!? If so, sign me up for a set!

  3. Ditto; sign me up!

  4. Great 3D printing work

  5. It is a remarkable time, when it is possible to such things in your own hobby room. 3D printing and 3D Resin printing is remarkable stuff. As for your work, since "Star Wars" is on playing on my tv I will quote Darth..."Impressive...Most Impressive!"

  6. Wow, Gábor, what an impressive job!

  7. I do believe these will be available from SBS-model, and any shop that stocks their beautiful stuff. The exhausts are already in production with SBSmodel Josh @jpatt1000 and Ilan @ilanortho. Isn't that right Gábor @remete?

    It would seem like a quest for a total(?) update of the B-58 kit - great stuff!

    • Yes, You are right however the exaust currently you can buy is Aires - beautiful stuff with some minor innaccuracies (because that's an enlarged F-4 exhaust - too few petals) but You never notice ;). The intakes will be available within a month I think.

  8. I love the engineering, but can you describe how it is supposed to integrate with the Monogram engine nacelle and the intake lips?

    • Sure! Excellent question 🙂 Back then when I started to play with the Monogram kit - and the intakes - I didn't like the approach of the available resin intakes that you have to cut down the front part of the nacelle. On my first handmade set I figured out the correct diamater when the fit is the best. See the pictures below. For these new parts I designed a simple tool also (which supposed as part of the set). It is a sanding block with the right diameter (calculated to use with 400-600 grade sandpaper and a recess to secure the sandpaper). If you use this to sand out the kit's intake the resin part will fit in a 0,1mm accuracy. As the Monogram kit is incorrect in shape anyway (ie. the intakes are too small while the exhausts are too big in diameter) this helps a little bit with the general appearance also. Again: these are photos of my old resin set but the general idea is the same.

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