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1/144 C-121 Blue Angels

March 26, 2021 · in Aviation · 14 · 2.4K

Another of the Blue Angels Logistics aircraft. When you read the history, it is incredible that The Blue Angels used this aircraft, as it would need a large forklift at every location to load or unload from the very high fuselage! The Minicraft kit in blue plastic is very brittle, and I am amazed I got the props all rebuilt as they come with massive sprue gates that are very hard to cut. Should have used a hot #11 blade.

All Blue Angels Connie decals tend to have a problem with the size of the 8 on the tail fins. I resized using photos, and cut masks for the "8" on my kit. I will have to do the same for the 1/72 kit I plan to build next. I had a near fatal issue with the fuselage decals- Minicraft should have provided each side in two halves, that would have made the whole process easier. If anyone got the Blue Angels release like I did, but didn't use the Blue Angels decals- I would love to have a spare set to overlay over what I already have on the kit.

I will be doing the white top scheme on my 1/72 kit. The Minicraft kit only provides the Blue Angels all blue scheme, and also decals for the presidential transport "Columbine".

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  1. This is yet another one of your amazing Blue Angels transport birds, Dan.
    And what a beauty! I had no idea The Blue Angels used a Connie.
    Looks wonderful in the Blue Angel scheme.
    Looking forward to your 1/72 rendition (but also, I have to admit that 1/144 is a great scale for those big birds, as well!)

    • Thanks Spiros, The Heller kit needs military engines- I got flightpath parts years ago- now that i am finally getting things BUILT, I am eyeing the hulk of my teen years started build, and planning for a summer build. I still have the the 1/72 ones: R4D-5 (C-47), C-118 (super skytrain), R5D-3 (C-54), the C-121 (Connie), and the C-130T (Fat Albert/ late 80's). I just got a C-130J kit, and Brengun parts for the engines on the J, and engines for the T. Build the 1/72 C-45 a long time ago.

  2. Very nice build, Dan.
    Indeed, not really a practical aircraft for logistics.
    Nevertheless, it looks great in Blue Angels blue.

  3. Great job. The beauty of the connie must have made it an air shoe attraction.

  4. Wow, really impressive, definitely liked. Looking forward to seeing the 1/72 version.

  5. Great result on this, Dan.

  6. Hi Dan,
    Museum quality, master modeler 1/144.
    Regards, Dirk.

  7. You are too kind, Thanks Dirk!

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