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Accurate Miniatures Yak-1 on skis

This was a nice little kit that I've had tucked away for a decade or so-built in 2020 along with a dozen others.
Part two of the team-see my Stormovik, located somewhere in here.

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11 responses

  1. Another great build, Bryan!
    The Yak-1 in skis looks so cool!

  2. It doesn't look as though the skis are necessary with your weather, Bryan, but the Yak looks really cool, definitely liked.

  3. Looks like skis would retract and fold flat up against wing?

  4. Nice work, Bryan.

  5. Nice paintwork indeed.

  6. Very nice weathering

  7. Looks great, interesting aircraft.

  8. Very nice result, Bryan.
    That wintercamouflage looks beautiful.

  9. Very nice - camo looks great. well done!

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