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Azur Arsenal VG 36/39

March 14, 2021 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2.3K

I found this kit in a box during the lockdown and was astounded. I was sure that I'd binned it, as I remember it being unworthy of building for some obscure reason several years ago. I gave it a look over and decided that all was not lost, and continued the build.

Boxed as a VG-39, there are enough inaccuracies to confuse an expert, which I am not. So here it is, a French fighter that never fired a shot in anger, as the Germans had invaded France just as the first few examples were rolling off the assembly line.

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  1. Great camo-job on your rare bird. Glad you re-discovered it, completed it and shared it with this crazy bunch of glue-heads.

  2. Never bin them, my friend @plasticslave!
    You did a wonderful job on this very difficult kit!
    and what a joy for us to see thes beauty completed here!
    I have the -33 version to build, hoping to tackle it one day!

  3. Very unusual build, Bryan.
    It does look great, especially the camo scheme.
    Like it a lot.

  4. Given that everything I know about this airplane could be written on the sharp end of a pin with a dull Sharpie and have a lot of space left over, all those "fatal errors" are lost on me. So what I see is a really nice model that you definitely don't see built up every day. The past year has changed a lot of minds on many topics.


    • I guess it's easier to be vague with the details when few were actually produced and with zero notoriety. If it were a B-17G you'd still hear the echoes of the gunshots from twenty years ago.

  5. Nicely done Bryan, so glad you rescued and built this rare bird.
    Looks great in all aspects.
    William Greens pocket books writes up the VG30 series specs very well - VG-39 motored at 388 mph with a 20mm cannon and six machine guns, not too shabby.
    Seeing your model made me take out my 1/72 Pegasus kit for a look.

  6. Nicely finished, Bryan, well worth that second look, definitely liked.

  7. Looks great to me! Nice job.

  8. Neat subject! Liked.

  9. I have built this kit 20 years or so ago when it released (and Azur was a brand new firm) as a testbuild for a magazine. A typical short run multimedia kit of the era: iffy plastic, some don't fitting resin, photo etch (a real high tech stuff back than - mated to non fitting plastic and resin) and vacuformed canopy (on mine it's yellowed since and the decals are cracked 🙁 ). I remember that it was really challenging, especially when you want to build the VG39 version because you have to cut and replace the nose - on a short run kit, yeah... Nice save Bryan and as I see Your canopy is still OK!

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