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Azure FRROM Martin B-10

March 16, 2021 · in Aviation · · 31 · 3.7K

This is the new tool Azure B-10B kit, one of three boxings they released in 2020. The was considered to be quite innovative when it first flew in 1932, featuring an internal bomb bay, enclosed crew positions, and retractable landing gear. For a time it was faster than the fighters which might oppose it. I ordered one in U.S. markings as soon as it became available and it went straight to the bench when the good people at Hannants delivered it to my door. The kit was built out of the box and represents an aircraft from the 28th Bombardment Squadron based at Clark Field in the Philippines, June 1938.

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  1. Wow, this is a wonderful model, Jeff!
    You did an excellent job on this great kit (what a departure form the old Williams Brothers one!).
    Th B-10 is an iconic plane; glad to see it in a nice kit form and built in such excellency.
    Well done!

  2. Excellent build, Jeff.
    Nice and clean paintwork.
    You clearly demonstrated the quality of this kit.

  3. You did this justice. Love the pre-war paint job. I've been mulling over doing one of these.

  4. Exquisite. A masterpiece.

    Admire how well you managed the ill-fitting parts.

    • You're thinking of the Williams Brothers kit. The Azur/FRROM kit fits nicely, as I know by doing one. it's limited-run and you have to take care, but it's not in the same universe with the old kit.

  5. Love the 'blue', love the 'yellow', love the plane.
    Great work Jeff, looks fantastic.

  6. That is a great job of what looks like a great kit. It looks the best in US interwar colors, for sure.

    This is one of my favorite aircraft. I would get one, but I made a vow to make a collection in one scale, as my current collection and rate I build would probably outlive me.

  7. Beautiful job, I really love the Martin B-10. Yours looks great. Now if only someone would make one in 1/48th.

  8. Very nice model and a great build. I always wonder why they painted planes like this during the interwar years, I guess the concept of camouflage was forgotten?

  9. Great looking work. I'd love to have this kit in 1/48!

  10. great work, Jeff.

    Folks should definitely go over to Inch-High Guy and look at the WIP photos of this - very useful if you, like me, have the kit. Also check out the rest of jeff's blog, it's very good.

  11. What a cool project - excellent job putting this together! This Williams boxing never tempted me, but now...

  12. I like how the rear fuselage follows the ground aft of the bomb bay, never really noticed that before but do now thanks to your beautiful eye-level photography.
    Beautiful photos of a beautiful model, this is what we come here for.

  13. Great looking model!

  14. Great work, Jeff. Thanks for sharing your mix for the blue. The elusiveness of that color has kept me from doing a couple of projects.

  15. All of the above, beautifully done!

  16. This model is beautiful. It captures the very colorful interwar Era scheme. The actual blue paint has eluded me for quite some time.

    I have always wanted to build one since I saw one of the few survivors at the USAF museum in Dayton many decades ago.

    I will chime in that the Special Hobby kit is well designed and probably a much easier build than the Williams Bros one. I bought one in Jan.

  17. Very nice. Serious eye candy.

  18. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very graceful and clean build Jeff !
    You did very well on the pre-war painting.

  19. Wow...fantastic built

  20. Jeff, very nice work on this, it has a real classic look and I really enjoy seeing this era of aircraft !

  21. Inspirational build. Great photography as well.

  22. Thanks for all the kind words, much appreciated!

    1. Nice looking build.
    2. I love the way you photograph the model. I thought it was a real aircraft at first.
    3. The light blue paint is considerably different than the color on the B-10 at the USAF Museum. I’m guessing you had info that this color is more appropriate. What did you find out about the color?

    Thanks, Paul

    • Thanks Paul!

      The scheme is described in USAAC Specification 98-2113, Yellow No. 4 and Light Blue No. 23. The Light Blue was matched to the chip in Archer’s Monogram Guide. Dana Bell indicates the miss-interpretation of darker blue tones stems from the use of Panchromatic film, which makes the Light Blue appear darker in B&W photographs. See his Air Force Colors v1, page 23.

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