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A “Flying Whale” over the Black Sea: Martin B-10 Model 139WT in Turkish service

When in 1934 an icon like General Henry "Hap" Arnold enthusiastically declared the Martin B-10 to be "the air power wonder of its day", this was tantamount to elevation to the rank of aeronautical nobility. What exactly [...]

Azure FRROM Martin B-10

This is the new tool Azure FRROM Martin B-10B kit, one of three boxings they released in 2020. The B-10 was considered to be quite innovative when it first flew in 1932, featuring an internal bomb bay, enclosed crew positions, and [...]

Martin B-10

Thought I'd make post before leaving for the IPMS Region IV Regionals at Dayton, Oh tomorrow. The B-10 was the US Army Air Force's first all steel monoplane bomber and went into service in 1934. This is the Williams Brothers 1/72 kit. Box [...]