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Das Werk 1/35 Panther

March 1, 2021 · in Armor · · 8 · 2.9K

This is a great kit that took up most of February . It's my first build and I was impressed with the level of detail and quality of engineering. This kit as originally issued contained a full interior. This later issue excludes the interior, which was fine, because it had enough teeny tiny parts already. So you end up with a bunch of extras like radio equipment and trays and rack parts due to the sprue arrangement. Goody!. I did find two difficulties with the build though. First, the instruction booklet, though finely detailed in some areas, was lacking detail when it came to how some of the hooks and tools and brackets were supposed to be mounted. The pictures just weren't detailed enough. So I had to go by the mounting points and what looked like it would make sense in real life. I think I got most right, but will have to compare against another to be sure. Also, the horns for the link and length track have to be glued on! The horns come on separate sprues that are correctlly spaced so attaching was no biggy, but I did spend two evenings just attaching the horns and then separating the horns from the sprues once the glue had set. Funny thing, I attached hundreds of horns and didn't loose a single one to the carpet monster, but did lose one of the four engine deck lifting hooks. Go figure. Also, I tried something new. When I gave the tank it's final clear coat, I added a few drops of paint to the clear along the way so as to modulate the tone, particularly on the engine deck where I added one drop of black. Anyway, here it is. I never thought I would enjoy building armor so much.

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  1. Looking fabulous! This Das Werk brand really caught my attention because of the unique choice of subject they make. Like the FAUN transporter is one kit I'd like to build, already read a review on it in a magazine. Nevertheless, your Panther A looks very good! Welcome to the family of armor modelers, David! Liked!

  2. I clicked your name to learn some history, welcome back to the hobby, looks like you're in with both feet this time!

    I dabble in 1/35 armor too, it sure is fun, a whole different mindset.

    I really like your work.

  3. David, that Panther of yours turn into something special. The tool arrangement is neat and sharp while the weathering is not over done but, looks like a well kept machine. The paint chipping and rusting of scraps and dings adds to that used appeal.
    Two thumbs up.

  4. What an amazing job, David!
    I strongly echo all above praises.

  5. Looks amazing.


  6. David, @adamcda13

    This Panther A model you build and posted here checks all of the boxes for me. It's my favorite tank (besides the Abrams). I served as a "tanker" in real life, in M-60 and M-1A1's. Trust me, you have captured the look of the dirt and grime that always ends up everywhere on a real armored fighting vehicle. I have never built one of these Das Werk brand models, but I have heard some good things about them. I have about 10 or so unbuilt Panthers in my stash, mainly Dragon/ DML kits. After looking at how nice your Panther looks, I just might have to take a closer look at the ones I have in the stash. I definitely pressed the "liked" button. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us. You definitely get two thumbs up from me... only because I don't have 3 hands. 🙂

  7. Looks fantastic! Love your Panther's finishing.

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