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"Normandie Panther", June 1944 -- Panther A Early w/Zimm + Tons of Extras

Hey Everyone. I wanted to share my recently (re)completed work of the Panther A Early from Das Werk in 1/35. I actually finished the kit and detail work in 2020 and then painted it and I could not stand how it came out, so it got [...]

Tamiya 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.G

My first Panther completed. This is the Ausf.G steel wheel version manufactured by M.A.N. in limited numbers. As expected, the kit came together easily. This Tamiya is a 1993 tooling and for the most part is nicely detailed. But I wanted [...]

Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.G, January 1945 (1/72)

Panther Ausf.G form Vespid Models (VS720008) A kit that can only be recommended. Fine and sharp details and the accuracy of fit is on the whole quite good. Only the rollers and the swing arms had slight tolerances during assembly. But the [...]

Review: Meng 1/35 Panther Ausf.A review

Das Werk 1/35 Panther

This is a great kit that took up most of February . It's my first Das Werk build and I was impressed with the level of detail and quality of engineering. This kit as originally issued contained a full interior. This later issue excludes [...]

Panther D

So, I know that the panther never came in Panzer Grey, but I decided to play around with a Grey panther tank with some primer red bits on it. I would appreciate criticism on what i have done rather than what it is supposed to be. Many [...]

Germany’s best on battlefront

On a break! Decided since I posted Germany’s most feared tank I should post Germany’s best tank of WW2. This is my example of the Panther IV tank. Any suggestions or comments are gladly accepted.

Takom Panther early, interior

There is a lot of these Takom Panther kits and I'am one of them who is working on it. For now I'am finished with interior. Lets continue with the Wheels and exterior.


One of my "older" models. I hope you like it. It was the old Tamiya kit and it got some modifications. It was my first model with "heavy weathering" also.

Review: MENG 1/35 Panther Late review