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Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.G (1/72)

Vespid Models´ Panther Ausf.G in 1/72 scale (VS720008) Built out of the box. An excellent manufacturing quality. Details and accuracy of fit are very good. The 3d printed IR deviceis also in impeccable quality and has many subtleties. It [...]

Review: Meng 1/35 Panther Ausf.A review

Das Werk 1/35 Panther

This is a great kit that took up most of February . It's my first Das Werk build and I was impressed with the level of detail and quality of engineering. This kit as originally issued contained a full interior. This later issue excludes [...]

Panther D

So, I know that the panther never came in Panzer Grey, but I decided to play around with a Grey panther tank with some primer red bits on it. I would appreciate criticism on what i have done rather than what it is supposed to be. Many [...]

Germany’s best on battlefront

On a break! Decided since I posted Germany’s most feared tank I should post Germany’s best tank of WW2. This is my example of the Panther IV tank. Any suggestions or comments are gladly accepted.

Takom Panther early, interior

There is a lot of these Takom Panther kits and I'am one of them who is working on it. For now I'am finished with interior. Lets continue with the Wheels and exterior.


One of my "older" models. I hope you like it. It was the old Tamiya kit and it got some modifications. It was my first model with "heavy weathering" also.

Review: MENG 1/35 Panther Late review

RFM Panther continues. Plastic modeling , or oragami?

I must admit that I just about scrapped the idea of the interior during this latest phase. First the torsion bars are much more fiddly than Dragons, getting everything to line up was a bit of a bear. I used toothpicks, which worked well. [...]

RFM Panther update

I have been steadily plugging away at the kit, and still am impressed with many facets of it. One thing though that amazes me is small "misses". For example on the engine deck there are two covers towards the rear. On Late [...]