Airwar over Austria...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-6, 1./JG300

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This is the "faulty" first edition kit, built in 2015. were used.

On August 24th 1944, Unteroffizier Hermann Berdelmann, serving with 1. Staffel , took off to engage a bunch of 15th AF Liberators, coming from Italy and heading for Vienna but then turning to Hungary. He flew in formation with three 190ies from his Gruppe. they attacked a bunch of Liberators. One of his best friends, Unteroffizier Kurt Weigand, was shot down with his 190 by enemy defensive fire. Berdelmann could damage a B-24 which went down later. After seeing his friend die, and assuming that the crippled bomber wouldn´t get far, Berdelmann dove down and headed for a home base. Then he saw a single engined aircraft in front of him. At first he thought it was a comrade, looking for an airfield too. To his surprise it was a P-51 and a dogfight started. Due to engine problems Berdelmann lost the Mustang but a second one showed up at his tail and damaged his 109 so he had to bail out. He came down near Stribrec(Silberlos)/Czechoslovakia and was hurt lightly.
This was Berdelmann´s third aerial combat experience and second parachute jump.

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  1. Another beautiful 109 out of your collection, Reinhard.
    As always, perfectly build and great paintwork.

  2. Wow that is a very sweet JG300 machine. The modelling is flawless as usual.

    I am a JG300 fan and this machine is featured in JG300 volume 1 Lorant/ Goyat p299-300. BTW the use of the nose emblem the city crest of Bonn-Hangelar if I am not mistaken on both sides of the a/c is unusual. I will have to dig up these Lifelike decals.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. How many 109s have you done, Reinhard?! One certainly will never run out of interesting colour schemes if sticking to Messerschmitts, that´s for sure.

    Another wonderful model in a very intersting scheme, and I love the story. The story was probably very common for the ordinary pilot, for the ones that never became famous for umpteen kills, flamboyant style or great looks.

  4. Super paint job. Doesn't look "faulty" to me. 🙂

  5. Another Spreitzhofer masterpiece.
    An exciting story, as well!

  6. Beautiful work, Reinhard, with such a smooth, even finish. This Lifelike set is very good, and this is an different and eye-catcing scheme. As some less picky reviewers have noted, this kit only looks "faulty" next to a measuring stick or one of the later "corrected" kits. In the hands of a master such as you, it is exemplary, if not perfect.

  7. Another beauty! I am finding I'm becoming intrigued by the various schemes available on the 109 (6 more 109s just showed up at my doorstep...)!

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