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My Three Builds for 2022

January 3, 2023 · in Aviation · · 24 · 1K

Well 2022 was not a record year for me, I didn't even manage to build my usual four kits, but only managed to pump out three. I would like to build more, but I am not too disappointed with my production really since two of the three were big complex builds.

The first completed finished in March was the incredible 1/48 ICM He-111Z1 Twin Bomber. A good, but challenging kit that took a long time to build and paint. It was one of those planes that I had wanted to build since I first discovered it. I have two Monogram kits and was looking for the conversion kit on eBay constantly. Then low and behold ICM does a mainstream kit! Hallelujah! During this time of year you should give thanks, and I am thankful for my good friends who know me, and like me anyways. One of them is Ed and he got his kit for me, and I can't thank him enough for it.

The second was a relatively quick and fun build of the 1/48 Dragon Ba349A. The desperation, creativity and sheer insane drive and incredible bravery of the men that dared fly this contraption. This was a fun kit that I picked up at IPMS Nationals. I had seen it when it came out but couldn't afford it then. I can say to anyone, it is a good kit with no real issues.

Lastly, and the one I am most happy with is the venerable 1/48 Monogram B-24D. When I saw a gentleman in Mexico building this plane in these markings on another site I knew I had to build it also. Out of the box was out of the question, so I scratch build some interior, drew up and 3D printed some parts, scribed the panel lines, tried some riveting, resin after market wheel wells, wheels, engines, nacelles and supercharges. Then after finding the right color, lots and lots of decals that performed flawlessly (thankfully). I have Spiros, @fiveten, to thank for them.

Well now I rush off to 2023, with two in progress, and yes another B-24D to start, and yes have got all the purchased resin on order again, and all my parts printed up! After that, who knows my two goals are to enjoy my builds and try to build more than four. If I am successful with the first, the second won't be as important.

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  1. Very beautiful builds, quality over quantity, Walt @luftwaffe-birdman.

  2. G'day Walt (@luftwaffe-birdman),
    Three aircraft with 14 engines between them (5 Jumos, 5 rockets and 4 PW radials) surely is equivalent to at least 8 normal builds.
    I followed your Zwilling build vicariously (I'll never have enough room for one) and the Natter reminds me (again) that I must complete my diorama. The B-24 is, again, too big for me.
    Three excellent builds to be proud of.
    All the best for 2023.

    • Thanks, Michael, @michaelt, I didn't think about it quite that way before. Reflecting back each one of those Jumos and the resin Pratt & Whitney engines were mini kits in themselves. I think in the time it took to build those nine engines I could have popped out a simple single engine fighter build.

  3. Your B-24 and Ba349A are both beauties! And the Swilling should count as two airplanes...😁 Great job on all of yoir builds!

  4. A most productive year, my friend Walt, taking into account the two massive projects (the Zwilling and the Liberator) that received a ton of bench time. As always, your skills are exceptional and this is reflected at all three builds. Congratulations and have a happy, prosperous and productive 2023!

  5. I’d say that they count as more than three builds, Walt, a superb year of modelling. Here’s to 2023.

  6. Quantity or Quality ? Definitely the later, Walt. Well done on all.
    And I'd give you two build credit on the twin that makes 4 in my book.

  7. Great job on all three of these- you've definitely set the bar very high for all of us who have been enjoying your work. Well done!

  8. Excellent paint on these.

  9. Spectacular work and accomplishments Walt. Making the Siamese twin must have been a hair raising event it being so big. With that , completing it is like doing multiple builds.
    Even in 1/72 that would be a huge job. The Natter is also quite something. That’s why they called it the Adder or Viper. One could expect a bite at any time. Pure madness to send someone up in that.

  10. Happy New Year, Walt @luftwaffe-birdman
    You definitely did a great achievement on those builds.
    Not too easy on handling a 1/48 B24 let imagine a He111Z in the same scale.
    Absolutely amazing result on all, well done.

  11. Superlative job on three very interesting subjects. I'd take three like this over ten of mine any year.

  12. Nice (big) quality builds! Well done.

  13. Outstanding threesome, Walt @luftwaffe-birdman. Sounds like you have your 3D printing system dialed in.

    Here’s to lots of happy modeling in 2023!

  14. Nice job on the Zwilling, I agree that it's a challenging build. I did one awhile back when it first became available. Also, the B-24 and Natter are nice! Happy New Year!

  15. Very sharp work on all three.

  16. All three of those look great! I especially like the B-24... it looks awesome .

  17. Nice work, Walt. The Heinkel is amazing. Painting that had to be really difficult.

  18. Nice builds! I first saw a conversion build of the 111 way back in an issue of Scale Modeler, 1971 maybe.

    • I saw a 1/32 conversion at a show in Phoenix in November last year. It was superlative! Beautifully done, with super detailing of one of the engines. Talk about Big though!

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  19. You built four Walt - @luftwaffe-birdman - the Zwilling counts as two! 🙂

    Loved watching you do all these up in Groups.

    • Thanks Tom, @tcinla, I know you have be extremely prolific on many sites over the years, and knowing you took the time to view my builds in the Groups means a lot to me.

  20. A great set of builds! I like these subjects a lot!

  21. Great work, Walt... I like them all. Best wishes for 2023... ;-).

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