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Deutsche Flugzeug-Werke DFW C.V Aviatik 5920/16 “Red 6” 1917

April 4, 2021 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.7K

WNW 1:32
OOB plus...
Gaspatch turnbuckles
Model Kasten rigging
Tamiya, Alclad II, oil paints

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  1. Absolutely WONDERful, David. Forty might seem like a lot of photos...until each is seen, wherein every one of them reflects your remarkable skill, including the completion of some very intricate bits which add greatly to your model. And the tiny prop...special.

    • Thank you for your kind words, much are some of the internals!

      11 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  2. This one is build to perfection, David.
    So much detail, especially for the rigging part.
    A big "Like"

  3. Another spectacular David Lane Production.

  4. That's extremely detailed and quality work, beyond any belief, David.
    (Once again) congratulations!

  5. Pretty impressive build David, one of your best WnW creations.
    Been having some difficulties getting the right colour for those WW1 tires. I like your option, so I wonder what paint did you used? Thanks!

    • XF-53 neutral grey
      There’s a mid brown dirt wash on there as well.
      Don’t stress the colour, any mid grey will do ?
      None of the colours on the model are exactly as the instructions advised. I lightened the green and brown with A bit of buff to prevent it being too dark

      • Thanks! It’s not that I seek the “perfect” pantone, but somehow all the greys I tried didn’t quite catch what I imagine them to be. I even tried some forms of white(ish) but those wouldn’t do either. I’ll give that neutral grey a shot

  6. Superb build once again.

  7. Beautiful work!

  8. Well done, David. Excellent photo documentation.

  9. Though I don't build WWI stuff, it is always an extreme pleasure to review your posts. Both the models and the photography are art at their finest!

  10. Taking WnW's to a higher level...Well done!
    The photos have a great walk-around feel and will certainly be a nice reference to anyone wanting to build this kit. Thanks!

  11. Great work, simply !

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