End of War…1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190F-8, III./SG3

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Built over 6 years ago. Dragon kit painted with Gunze and acrylics, decals from , EZ Line for the antenna wire, bomb cart from Tamiya.

This aircraft was an FW 190 F-8 from III./, a ground-attack unit that served alongside JG54 in the Courland Pocket during the last months of the war. Three Luftwaffe personnel made the flight to Sweden in this aircraft, including Stabsfeldwebel Werner Skirlo, Fw. Johann Gruber and Fw. Adolf Karnel, to avoid Soviet capturing. The aircraft belly-landed, but was not badly damaged.

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  1. Another Spreitzhofer masterpiece, out of their excellent collection.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautifully executed!

  3. Fabulous spray work, very inspirational to say the least

  4. Great looking Butcher bird.
    How in the hell did they fit 3 men into this a/c ?
    I would be really interested in the upper colours callouts on this 3 tone camo. Dont get me wrong they look great.

    • Guess they removed some equipment fomr the rear fuselage and the two ground crew members squeezed into it.
      The camo is considered to be 02/75/former83. (Some years ago Ullmann and some other Luftwaffe paint specialists found new info, that RLM83 was in fact a blue colour, intended for use on aircraft that operated over the sea and the former designated RLM83 was only a different tone of RLM81.)

  5. Very low key yet splendid looking camouflage. This is a standard kit, no mods or aftermarket?

    • Thanks Stellan! Yes, this is a standard kit. But I just realized, looking at the main landing gear legs and the open fuselage flaps, my dad told me wrong, this isn´t a Tamiya but a Dragon kit.

  6. Beautiful job - excellent painting and the right amount of weathering.
    a pleasure to view!

  7. I just run out of accolades for your dad's work! This is a great scheme also.

  8. Splendid 190, Reinhard.
    Another great build.

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