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1/700 IJN Isokaze

May 13, 2017 · in Ships · · 32 Comments

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32 responses

  1. Welcome aboard!

    This is a fantastic display and the photos are excellent. The way you captured the look of the water is amazing. I really like this.

  2. Let me add my welcome as well, sir...your diorama is most excellent (perhaps one of the best I've seen here or anywhere). I think you'll find this is a most user-friendly site with many fine contributors and participants.

  3. Won-hui, I think this is model building of the highest order. A work of art and it gives me great pleasure to view it. Respect.

  4. Beautiful work. Great attention to the smallest details.

  5. That's really cool, the colours are beautiful.

  6. Outstanding! And your diorama is so realistic I can almost taste & smell the ocean!

    Welcome to I-Modeler!

  7. I'm honored to be with I-modeler. I am pleased to know many wonderful people.

  8. Say, that destroyer is running a little too close to shore, I hope the ship's captain has accurate charts of the area! If agreeable, could you share your building techniques with us, your water treatment is exceptional (as is the rest of the diorama).

  9. Won-hui, this is modeling at its finest, looks great. This is one of those models I will tell others about. Great work !

  10. Genius what more can be said,the vegetation do you water it to keep it growing,so real.Thanks for the pics I`m new to this site and have found everyone to be so welcoming.

  11. Welcome in the group and congratulation for you excellent diorama, fantastic colours, they bring to life sea and Islands, giving the destroyer a pefect enviroment to beplaced in.

  12. Stunning! That looks like a photo!

  13. Excellent job!

  14. Absolutely mindblowing! The sea is just amazing.

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