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Russian battleship Tsesarevich whethered

April 1, 2021 · in Ships · · 10 · 3.8K

Dear friend, I found some models heavy whethered on Pinterest, YouTube, ect. and I liked it very much. So I tried to replaying this heavy whethering on my Tsesarevich. I post the results. You can find the previous version posted in my profile. What do you prefer?

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  1. The weathering definitely adds to the character. I'm a fan of properly weathered models vs. showroom clean builds!

  2. Beautiful work. It's so easy to overdo it and make it look unrealistic for the scale, but you've nailed it.

  3. I'm astounded by the realism of both. It's difficult to apply that much weathering and make it look right, and I don't judge that you've missed the mark. Thank you very much for sharing!

  4. I prefer it like this, looks even better!

  5. Hmmm, such heavy weathering makes her looking more like Grazhdanin (meaning "citizen" - as was this ship renamed after the political changes in 1917) rather than Tsesarevich (the Grand Duke and Tsar's successor)...
    Very good build, I love this kind of stuff!

  6. Looks very good actually!

  7. The weathering looks really good.

    However, navies tried to make their ships looks as good as possible. Therefore, the amount of weathering depends on the time-frame. When the ship was part of the baltic fleet right before WW1, I would assume very little weathering. While in Port Arthur, interned in Tsingtao or towards the end of WW1, the weathering would be perfect.


  8. I am normally not fond of ships and boat models, but looking at your beautiful one I might change my point of view. Bravo 🙂

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