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Bandai 1/144 Messer “Holding the Line”

May 25, 2021 · in Sci-fi · · 17 · 1.7K

Fighting in the swamp! We’ve got an LED, some resin and glass “bugles” for necklaces for the brass casings (sheer luck, they are actually a perfect fit for the barrels!)
As always thanks for looking and would love to hear what you think!

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  1. Not sure what it is, but very cool! The colors are great and the painting and dio is well done.

  2. I would agree with Greg, not sure what it is, but very cool. I actually take time to visit the catagory at the shows where these things are. Some of the work over there is incredible! I really love this vignette. Simple but now doubt what just happened. Very well executed great colors and love the base.

  3. @luftwaffe-birdman , appreciate it sir, thank you!

  4. That is one fine Gundam (?) model. Great colour tone on the body work and I particularly like that it has its worn vibe instead of yet another over-weathered mecha.
    The details in the diorama are amazing; the smoke you did with cotton wool I take it ?
    Thanks and keep them coming !

  5. @info4 , thank you sir truly appreciate it! You are correct it's another Gundam kit, something called a Messer, I've never seen the shows, movies, or comic books but being a child of the '80s and 90's I love me some big robots! So i just pick out ones that look cool to me and build them up. Thanks again!

  6. Very nice, Travis (@Snaps0351). I have always been fascinated by these figures, and your camo scheme and diorama base really make it a stand out. The smoke is a nice touch.

    • @gblair , truly appreciate it sir, thank you! Bandai makes some great kits the engineering on them never ceases to amaze. I know you already have tons of kits but these are definitely worth a look into. There are tons of kit reviews on Youtube to help out if you want to investigate.

      • You are right, Travis (@Snaps0351). I bought the Bandai Stormtrooper after your great diorama of the Stormtrooper mired in the stream. I have some other Bandai, mainly some of the more prominent vehicles from the Star Wars movies, but they are all in storage awaiting an upcoming move to a new house. I am really looking forward to some of the new kits from the Mandalorian, especially the Razor Quest.

        • @gblair , Awesome can't wait for you to dive into those kits once you're all settled in! I myself got burnt out on the Star Wars stuff and that's how I stumbled onto these Bandai Gundam kits, never seen any of the shows, movies, or comic books just heard so much about them and the engineering that I had to check them out. Now I'm hooked BUT the most freeing thing for me is since I know nothing of the Gundam lore, I'm free to paint and weather these kits straight from imagination!

          • I taught high school and college before I retired, and my students could tell you anything you wanted to know about any of the comics, bots, relationships between various comics, etc. Sadly, I am now cut off from my walking, talking library of info.

  7. Nicely done, the smoke is very convincing.

    • @roofrat , thank you sir, the smoke was accomplished by using cotton (?) from a bag of spider webs for Halloween decorations. I prefer the texture compared to cotton balls or cotton for pillow stuffing

  8. I'm afraid my sci-fi interest expired after the original Dr Who series in the 1960s, but your work looks very impressive, thanks for sharing it with us.

    • @chinesegeorge , Well I appreciate it sir! I got into sci-fi cause I've liked these big Japanese robots since I was a child. I got burned out with armor kits, too intimidated by aircraft, and thought why not tap into my childhood likes?

  9. Love it too, Travis @Snaps0351!
    This is wonderfully built!

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