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Classic Car Ford T 1912

May 31, 2021 · in Automotive · · 13 · 2.2K

The Model T, the most famous Ford of all time, was the first car that was really mass-produced. It is this single model that reinvigorated transportation around the world. Over fifteen million T models were sold in the nineteen years it was manufactured, and the basic design remained virtually unchanged from its introduction in 1908.
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  1. Very nice, Hans. I love the custom color. “ You can get it in any color as long as it’s black”,Henry Ford.

  2. Take me for a Sunday drive Hans ! Beautiful model. I made some replacement spokes for a Ford T some time ago. White Oak, same as they came originally. Beware of Potholes ! They do break !

  3. Hallo Bernard, Danke und die Schlaglöcher muss man umfahren. Hi..hi...

  4. Great build, Hans Peter.

  5. Amazing build, Hans Peter!
    Love the color!

  6. This one must have been restored in the 1970s by a rich person who had it repainted. 🙂

    Ford was famous for saying a person could buy a Model-T in any color they wanted, so long as it was black.

    Nice result.

  7. Looks way better in green than black.

    • It does indeed! I couldn't resist the opportunity to put up Ford's famous "joke."

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        Walt said on June 1, 2021

        His "joke" had a practical side Tom, @tcinla. In the effort to minimize time of production the color black simplified production and also was the fastest color to dry. All in an effort to make more for less and bring down costs. Have to admit the old curmogeon did a good job of it. Kingsford Briquettes were initially made from drop-offs from the wood frame parts made for early Ford cars. Ford didn't want to waste anything and it revolutionized production and Americans ability to get into an automobile, and change the American way of life.

  8. Nicely done, I like the way it all looks, great job!

  9. Danke, es hat mir auch selber Freude gemacht. Auf meiner Seite habe ich noch das Emplem von Ford bekommen.
    Freundlichen Gruss Hans Peter

  10. Looks great! Is the rear seat for the mother in law?

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