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Miles M.5 Sparrowhawkmy first 3D created airplane (and model kit)

May 11, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 · 1.8K

Hi fellow modelers from on the third rock from the Sun. After some mostly trial and error self-education (and many many helpful advice and help from Otto Jozsa from SBS - Thanks Otto!) here's my first created aeroplane and model a Miles M.5 . Originally I planned to convert my M.2 Scratch build / hand mastered kit into the M.5. It was a logical solution as the original M.5 was basically a smaller version of that plane (created by Blossom Miles in a record short time to make a competitive aeroplane for the 1935 King's Cup Race from standard Hawk parts) but Csaba Bordacs from SBS talked me into making a 3D version of it. Finally it's done. All I know that I still have to learn a lot 🙂 Maybe more to come...

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  1. All the best luck and success with this charming and elegant racer Gábor. What will be the scale?

    • Thanks Pedro! It will be 1:72 first and if it can get some succes maybe 1:48. We spoke about a possibility even a kit in 1:32 with John from AIMS Models but it is stiill an open question.

  2. Very nice work! What software did you use?

  3. Very cool - will SBS be doing it?

  4. Excellent work, Gábor.

  5. Gábor, this looks wonderful, my friend!

  6. Looks awesome! I should finally get an SBS kit, so far I only used their decals (which are great, btw).

  7. This is a really cool-looking plane, Gábor (@remete). I can't imagine the learning curve on the software.

  8. Thank You very much!

  9. Fantastic! I'm glad folks like you are willing to dive in to the ether world. I'm content to sit in front of physical styrene and breathe in the oh-so familiar fumes!

  10. I'm in for one if you do a 1/48 scale.

  11. Greetings,
    Very nice work! I'm definitely interested in a 1/72 scale version! I'd also like to do a build article on it for our organization the International Resin Modeller's Association ( I can be reached at [email protected].
    Best regards,

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