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Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawks

Hi All. I have seen the last remaining F9C Sparrowhawk before, at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy/NASM, but for some reason on my last visit, with my Bro-in-law (thanks Kurt, had a great time), I felt inspired to build this classic USN [...]

Miles M.5 Sparrowhawkmy first 3D created airplane (and model kit)

Hi fellow modelers from on the third rock from the Sun. After some mostly trial and error self-education (and many many helpful advice and help from Otto Jozsa from SBS - Thanks Otto!) here's my first 3D created aeroplane and model a Miles [...]

Sound the Alarm! Sound the Alarm!—California Steve Built an Aeroplane!

This is the very old Williams F9C Sparrowhawk. I just had to go back and redo the glue bomb I put together in about 1965. Now legend has it while the glue was still drying in 65 it managed to shoot down one hundred and sixty six bad guys [...]