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Sub and iceberg in resin sea

May 10, 2021 · in Ships · 13 · 2.2K

Saw a couple of these dioramas on FB and just had to give it a go. Hope you like it

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  1. That is really a great display! I love it, I have seen a few of those builds on line too, and thought they were neat, I love the way you chose to do yours. Perfect display for an office desk.

  2. Fantastic work - beautifully done!

  3. Amazing work on these subwater effects, Nikos.
    Well done.

  4. Great work, Nikos!

  5. Came out great!

  6. This is such an amazing display, φίλε Νίκο!
    Love it!

  7. Very good presentation. It is all well done.

  8. When modelmaking becomes art...
    You turned what is usually considered a defect (air bubbles in the trasparent resin block) in an enhancement of the visual impact of the scene, whereas the iceberg, which is an essential element of the picture, works also as pedestal!
    Thumbs up!

  9. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your encouraging comments.

  10. Very cool! Well done!

  11. Great work Nikos! (But now you have me wondering where Won-hui Lee has been. He also does some fabulous water work!) In a related topic, (a sub under the ice) you might like this series by Destin Sandlin over at Smarter Every Day on YouTube!

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