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Eduard/AMK L-29 Profipack 1/48

June 12, 2021 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.6K

Very fun and fast build. The fit is really good but I still used some putty to have the surface nice and flush.

Interior is nice and detailed but it has three problems that I ran into. First is the canopy. It had lot of blemishes, kinda like scratched or rubbed areas so I sanded the areas and polished the canopy but I didn't have the finish polishing compound from Tamiya so I took Shine enhancer from AK and I've just moistened the brush. Then I brushed it onto the canopy, and that solved the problem. Second issue was the frame between the canopies witch had glass in it. Personaly, it was very tricky for me to get the glass to its position. Third issue was the fron landing gear. You have to put it in before you start painting because if you don't it is an absolute pain in the a*s. Other then that the kit is nice and I hope you like my outcome ;).

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  1. This is a fasntastic result, Adam! Beautiful job allover!
    The Delfin looks so nice in 1/48.

  2. Nice work. Many small details pop out on this one, especially the landing light.

  3. What a smart, clean, and tight build. Top notch stuff. The model captures the look and feel of the L-29. The painting and the decaling all came out well and this is something to be very proud about Adam.

    My local airport has a couple of these aircraft hangered and a flight service does
    maintenance and once in a blue moon they leave the hanger to go to airshows or do missing man formation displays. Here in the states a lot of them get painted up in some interesting colors. The opportunities to model different aircraft are many.

    Two thumbs up.

  4. Beautiful work, looks great!

  5. Nice work on this and a rally superb result. I really like this kit, it is well-designed and produced. The end result I got looked like the airplane out at Planes of Fame, which is as good a compliment as I can give the kit.

  6. Absolutely great, like mentioned by above gentlemen, Adam.
    Your building skills are super.

  7. A great looking model - nice details in the cockpit. Well done.

  8. Is this the amk mit repoped ?
    Nice result btw !

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