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Fujimi 1/24 Ford GT40 MkII'66 Le Mans

June 28, 2021 · in Uncategorized · · 34 · 2.8K

Hi there,
This was being built in the background whilst I'm struggling with the Lysander.
Something that kind of fell together.
Some errors on my part. I forgot to put the rear view mirror in and made a bit of a mess of the tyre logos.
The door windows cracked on trying to get them off the sprue. They were connected with a long connection and I stressed them a bit.

Primed with Tamiya neutral grey.
Painted with Zero Paints Ford Powder Blue (Ken Miles), Gravity Paints Tyrrell Blue, Tamiya Semi Gloss Black, Italian Red and Xtreme Metals Aluminium
Finished with Mr Hobby Super Clear III

A fun build that helped lift me out of the doldrums.

Thanks for looking

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  1. Very nice indeed Alistair great paint work!

  2. A way to avoid the problem with the windows (or any other delicate part) in the future is to cut them off the sprue at the connection point on the tree, not the part, then trim off the attachment bit. You can put it on the workbench and not stress anything (a simple trick discovered the hard way - now you don't have to).

    I love the GT-40 and you did this really nicely.

    • Thanks Tom,
      The parts were connected directly to the sprue on one side with a tree point on the other.
      What I should have done was cut the sprue out and then worked on it, but thanks for the tip and hey ho we live and learn.


  3. Excellent work, Alistair. Great model of a car with a great story.

  4. One of my favorite race cars of all time and it looks great in those (Gulf?) colors! Fine work Ali! 🙂

    I remember watching them duel with the Ferraris at Le Mans on Wide World of Sports. At first, I was pulling for the Ferraris but the Fords won me over. Truly an iconic machine! 🙂

  5. I love the old Le Mans racers, you have done this one justice Alistair. Love it!

  6. Brings me back to being a kid playing with dinky toys and cutting out newspaper articles from all the races in Europe. I Always played The GT-40 And my best friend the Ferrari.
    Great job Alistair.

  7. One of my favorite cars of all time, your model is a fitting representation. Well done despite the difficulties you encountered.

  8. Turned out great, Alastair, this colour scheme really suits the car, even though it was the black car that actually won at Le Mans. If you fancy doing another one check out the new Meng kit, both in 1/24 and 1/12. Definitely liked.

  9. Great job on the GT-40 my favorite race car of all time. Ever since I saw the old IMC kit at a friend's house I have loved the car. I just got the Meng 1/24 kit which looks great and I cannot wait to build it. Probably will get the Ford Gulf Blue and other colors from Model Car World.

    • Kevin, your mention of the IMC kit really brings back memories. From Feb. of 1966 to April of 1967, my family lived in Geelong, Victoria in Australia. I remember getting the IMC kits of the original Ford GT and the Mk II while there; and also the Ford Mk IV J-car (with a clear body). It seems that one of those kits was an MPC model instead of IMC. I wonder if the two companies were connected some way? Thanks for the memory jog Kevin! )

      • Hi Gary,
        I looked at and it did show the GT-40 being issued by MPC. Later it was reissued by Testors and I recall seeing them. If you are not familiar with the site you should take a look as it shows the box art of the IMC issues and should bring back some fond memories.

        All the Best,

    • Thanks.
      I'll be interested to see the results

  10. Beautiful GT40, Alistair!
    This is one of my favorite cars and you created a great replica of it.

  11. Nice to see your GT40. I am fortunate to live down the road from Bruce Canepa Motorsports in Scott’s Valley, CA where occasionally one of these pops up on loan for show and tell in their very cool car museum. Check this place out online.

    iModeler needs more car model postings like yours.

  12. I always liked this car too. Looks great. I still have an original HO Aurora race car of the GT 40.

  13. Beautiful build of a beautiful car. I got to drive that car for a bit after it won LeMans. My Dad worked for Gulf Oil who sponsored the Ford team. Following the race, Gulf "toured" the car around the US for advertising purposes. They took out the race engine and put in a street legal 289 cu. in. motor so it could be more easily driven. When it came to New Orleans where we lived, I had my chance to get behind the wheel. That was really fun and a great memory. I still have my Gulf Racing Team windbreaker jacket.

    • You are so damn lucky Tom and I really envy you! Did you get any pics of you in it?

      • Sadly, no. I was a kid, just graduated from High School, and didn't really have any concept of posterity back then. At least I was smart enough not to throw away the jacket...

        1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Thanks for your kind words.
      I'm a bit on the jealous side though.


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