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1/72 Hasegawa Rockwell OV-10 Bronco

July 4, 2021 · in Aviation · · 25 · 2.8K

I started this simple little kit around 1980 when I was still in college. I was quite ambitious at the time by cutting out the flaps and cutting off the cargo door, planning to detail the interior. At the time I numbered the flaps and wing with a “magic marker”, which created a challenge when painting the upper wing white many years later.

Fast forward 41 years and I decided it was no time like the present to finish this little s****r! I had made myself a challenge to not start any new kits without first finishing any kits that I had previously started, even ones from 40 years ago.

I decided that interior detailing of the cargo bay wasn't really necessary so I glued the rear door /hatch back on. I replaced the basic kit ejection seats with metal Aeroclub ones. By studying photos that I found online, I noticed that a rear bulkhead with electronic “boxes” and side consoles were required to upgrade the cockpit area. I fashioned them from sheet styrene.

The cockpit was airbrushed with my Paasche H using Mr. Color FS 36320 grey. The cockpit canopy area is made of 4 separate pieces and is the trickiest part of the kit. I masked off the frames on the inside and hand brushed the interior framing flat black before assembling the glass canopy. After blending in the canopy to the fuselage with Vallejo acrylic resin putty I then masked of the exterior framing with Tamiya tape. The entire aircraft was airbrushed with Tamiya white primer sprayed through my airbrush. Where I had used felt pens on the flaps and wing 41 years ago kept bleeding through the primer. I finally figured out that the lacquer based primer was activating the marker ink. I sprayed flat acrylic white on the flaps and wing areas which sealed the black ink from bleeding through the paint.

Confusion reigned when determining what colour the undersides were to be painted. Many sources said it was white while others said light grey. I went with white as that was the easiest with the primer already being white. I figured with a little weathering to tone down the white, it would be a good compromise. The green areas were airbrushed with Tamiya olive drab lightened about 15% to simulate sun fading. 30% lighter olive drab was airbrushed on the center of panels to make the paint look multi toned instead of all one tone. Prior to decaling I airbrushed a coat of Future over the aircraft to provide a glossy finish for the decals to adhere to. I used an ancient Microscale decal sheet for the selecting an aircraft from the USMC VMO-1 squadron. Luckily the decals performed perfectly,m which isn't always the case when using older decals. I clear coated the Bronco with Vallejo flat acrylic. Underneath aircraft weathering was done by airbrushing thin light grey acrylic paint at high pressure to get a fine mist.

A wash made from lighter fluid and black and brown artist's oil paint was brush painted onto panel lines, riveted areas etc. Any excess was wiped off using a Q-Tip. A nice affect was obtained when the oil based wash “stained” the acrylic flat clear coat, simulating oil build up etc. The antenna wire was made using black EZ Line.

Compared to modern kits, this one lacks detail, but I was very pleased with the overall look of the finished model. My favourite part of the aircraft is the shark mouth center tank which came from a left over decal sheet.

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  1. Don,

    There are some kits regardless of age that lend themselves to being built into some pretty respectable builds. Kind of like the classics the blue blazer or the little black dress, 67 Mustang fast back, Jag XKE, any old Porsche all are time less as is your build.

    It would seem that the military was looking at 2 OV-10 Bronco's being used in the middle east for taking on the lighter duties of the A-10. The design is viable the cost of retooling is another matter.

    Smashed the like button.

    • Thanks for the kind words Stephen. I am surprised you don't see more built Bronco models as they are very bad a* kind of an awkward way.

      • Fairly difficult to find in 1/48, however ICM will be releasing their new tool kit in August. I, for one, cannot wait. Your Bronco looks fantastic for the scale, and the paint scheme is quite unique. Liked!

  2. Well worth the wait, Don!
    Great looking cockpit and a great looking model, nice work with the styrene and the control surfaces.
    within the last 18 months or so, I finished about 7 planes previously started from yester-year and have about 5 more to go.

    • Go George go! It is impressive to get all those shelf queens completed. I have a 1/72 Italeri F-100, a 1/24th Monogram Nascar Chevy and a 1/48th Airfix RCAF Hawk on the need to finish list. I am looking forward to starting a new modelling project "guilt free", LOL.

  3. Very nice! 41 years was worth the wait. The longest that I let one marinate is 30 years. I bought two Monogram F-101Bs in 1985 when they came out. Built one straight away, waited til 2015 to build the second. I used an ejection seat from the first kit in the 2015 build because I lost one.

    • Thanks John, Flat paint hides a multitude of errors, LOL. I also have a couple of the Monogram 101s in 1/72 that are looking at me from the dusty stash shelf. I even have the very nice True Scale resin seats to go in them. I have no excuses to not get them built.

  4. Great model and beautiful clean Work Don. That plane could do some serious stunts ! I witnessed a private off the cuff airshow for my Company at Monte Romano in 1978.

  5. Thanks Bernard. I haven't seen a Bronco fly but I can imagine with that big straight wing it doesn't take long to get off the ground.

  6. A very nice looking Bronco, Don.
    Great picture you took where it stands on the runway.

  7. Was it aged in a proper oak casket? 🙂

    Nice work on this.

  8. What a great job, Don!
    And how nice that this model is finally finished! It looks spectacular, great o[paint job!
    The Bronco has some beautiful shape that I love, your great job capturing it.

    • Thanks Spiros. Apart from the canopy, this was an easy kit to get a decent result from.
      Regards from smoky British Columbia Canada.

  9. Nice Bronc! One of my first models (back in the 3rd grade) was a 1/48 Bronco - I still have a soft spot in my heart for them...

  10. Wow! What a nifty little kit built up, it looks great! Well worth all the effort that went into it.

  11. Nicely done, nice to see one built!

  12. What a neat build! Excellent results too. I have the Revell version I'm thinking of getting done (one day). this model has inspired me.

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